For Love of Country

By Anne Wall “Vote for Love of Country.” This was Mitt Romney’s response to President Obama’s campaign cry, “Vote for Revenge.”These statements define the distinct differences between two leaders. Today, American voters will have a clear choice between two presidential candidates with very different leadership styles and ideologies.While one leader inspires hope, confidence and optimism, the other cries out in desperation for “revenge.” This negative choice of words was unfortunate yet consistent with the negative rhetoric heard throughout this campaign....more


By Anne WallWe're doing our best to turn Wisconsin into a "red" state in support of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Most polls show Romney and Obama in a near dead heat in Wisconsin, but I believe republicans have greater enthusiasm and a well-orchestrated ground campaign. If voter turnout is similar or better than the special recall election this summer, republican candidates may do well in Wisconsin. ...more

Mitt Romney: He Leads With His Heart

Posted by Cindy Gillespie:  Recently, some of the women who served as members of Governor Mitt Romney's cabinet in Massachusetts got together in Boston to talk about their time working with the Governor.  Some of the stories they tell in this clip I had never heard before, although I worked closely with them and Governor Romney for many years. They reminded me that while Mitt may be known for his head with numbers, he always leads with his heart....more

Mitt Romney’s Economic Development Binders

Much has said about the binders of resumes that Mitt Romney received after he was elected Governor of Massachusetts in 2002. But nothing has been said about the Binders of Accomplishments that the women who served in his cabinet presented to him four years later....more

Mitt Romney: Insider Takes

Women who held senior roles in his Administration speak up   Seven women who worked closely with Mitt Romney in senior posts when he served as Massachusetts Governor recently got together for a special reunion.  It was a true joy to reconnect with a group of such diverse and talented professionals. We proudly served for four years in the Romney/Healey Administration, handed detailed transition...more

Why I am voting for the Frugal "Nice Man"

Why I am voting for the “Frugal” Nice ManLet me begin by saying what I am writing is from my heart and from my experiences and not as a spokesperson from the campaign.  I have been shy to compose this piece about my feeling about Mitt Romney and the election but here goes:...more
@KathyAtK-RunBeagles Really, Kathy?  Ewwwww?  which part?more

Charles Stanley weighs in on How to Pray for the President

Charles Stanley’s 10 Ways to Pray for a PresidentSummary During his 10/30/2012 Sermon 1)       To Realize that he has been placed in this position by God’s choice or permissive will of God2)      To Recognize his personal inadequacy for the task and look to God for wisdom, knowledge and courage to succeed.3)      To Restore dignity, honor, trustworthiness and righteousness to the office of the Presidency....more

How Mitt Romney Has Empowered Women

"Baby, law isn't a good profession for girls," my father told me. "Stay with music, dear, that is what you and your people do so well," my high school dean said. I was 16, and asking them the most important question of my life:  Will you tell me how to become a lawyer? ...more
This post shoud be on the front page. You are proof of what can be accomplished and speaking ...more

Our Binders of Accomplishments Under Governor Mitt Romney

On Tuesday night, my old boss Governor Mitt Romney showed his credentials to the world once again. He is the real deal: a gentleman, a grown-up, strong, forthright, energetic, in command of the facts, pragmatic and solution-driven. I didn't come out of one of the "binders" he mentioned, but like every member of his Cabinet in Massachusetts, I gave him a binder –- six inches thick and chock full of our accomplishments over the four years we worked together. I was just one of many women who had the honor of serving in the Romney Administration....more
This blog said nothing of what Romney actually did.  Nothing.  A lot of hot air.  Everything in ...more

Not All Women Are One Issue Voters.- Beth Lindstrom @bethlindstrom

A couple of weeks ago, a few of us women flew to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to attend a rally at Marquette University with Ann Romney.   Ann was there for an event that attracted over 600 people.  The four of us used to work closely with Mitt Romney, Cindy Gillespie, former senior counsel to Governor Romney, Ellen Herzfelder, former Secretary of Environmental Affairs, Renee Fry, former Secretary of Economic Development and I (former Secretary of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation) were there to make the point that Governor Romney worked with many women in his adminis...more