And now, we need to talk about the cocktail you should be serving the mom in your life tomorrow, for Mothers’ Day. It can be your mom, grand-mom, aunt, wife … she needs to have this. It’s called the Cos”mom”politan! Catchy, right? ...more

West Egg Punch

Wow, it’s hard to believe that it has been 2 months since I posted the St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails from Skinnygirl. Well, I’m back with 2 new ones to share! The first one is for the premiere of The Great Gatsby that is TONIGHT! ...more

Look for the helpers.

Like many others, I have been struggling to come to grips with what happened on Monday in Boston. And as I have felt so many times over the past months and years, with every senseless, human-inflicted tragedy that has happened on American soil, I once again began to lose faith in humanity. And then I started watching the news coverage of when the first explosion happened....more

“Look for the helpers”

I know I am long overdue for a post and truth be told, I had planned to put one up today … but in light of the events that took place at the Boston Marathon, I can’t be light and witty ....more

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

Ahhh, one of my favorite sayings ....more

Dental Drama

So about a week ago, I was smiling at my husband adoringly and he said, “Wait. Is that a gap in your teeth? I never noticed it before.” *insert record scratch sound effect here* “Whaaaaaaatttttt?” I whipped out my handy brush/mirror (so convenient!) from my purse and looked. Has it always been there? Is there such thing as a normal gap? Or is it like Madonna’s or Anna Paquin’s? Did I not have one before, but now I do? ...more

Mama Needs A Cocktail

Grande: Mom? I didn’t sleep at all last night and I don’t feel well. Me: So when I checked on you last night and this morning, you were were awake? Even though you seemed to be asleep? Grande: Well I might have been resting my eyes when you checked on me. Me: Ohhh okkkay. So what else is wrong? Grande: Well I have a headache and whenever I move my head, it’s all wobbly ....more

So I’m kind of on The Ellen Show today. Discuss.

Earlier today, I got a tweet that MADE MY FREAKING DAY. ...more

A Close Call

My iPhone was missing for 16 hours. I knew the battery was low when I last saw it so I was not surprised when the voice mail picked right up. I considered leaving a message so that if it had been stolen and the thief  was nosy and listened to my messages, he would hear the torture in my voice, “I am looking everywhere for you, iPhone. Please come back to me – your charger is still in the wall ...more

Ummm, Starbucks?

There I was, innocently sitting in the drive thru at Starbucks, when I happened to notice the mural on the wall. And then my eyes landed on this: ...more