Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Announces New Food Allergy Initiative Advocacy Committee

Leading parent advocates from across the country join forces to advocate for more research funding to find a cure ...more

A Parent's Worst Nightmare

The follwoing is our interview with Brian Hom. You can read the story of Brian and his son BJ here: ...more

Food Allergy Travel Tips & 4 Tickets to Paradise

Here's a link to the June issue of our AllergyMoms Newsletter: newsletters/allergymoms_newsletter_06_08_08.html We have tips from Disney on how to dine safely there, 4 FREE tickets to the allergy-friendly amusement park, Holiday World. An adorable porcupine cake and 25 money and time saving tips for traveling with food allergies. ...more

Peanut Allergy Warning

The AllergyMoms newsletter this month has a very sad story of Andrew Michael Smith. His mother Pamela hopes that other children with peanut allergy or other food allergies can benefit and stay vigilant after hearing their story. Andrew’s life was tragically cut short this past February. His mother Pamela told us that he died from an anaphylactic reaction that was complicated by his asthma. She shared her son’s story in the hopes of saving another child. (Pamela’s responses are bolded.) ...more

The Cookie Thief

One of the hardest things about having a child with food allergies, is the misunderstanding and lack of support from others, especially close family and friends. Sometimes we are so sure that others don't care or won't care enough to keep our kids safe. I'm guilty of this myself.  More often than not, these folks are well-intentioned, it's just that they dont "get" food allergies yet. Next time you're certain that a friend or relative doesn't care about your food allergic child, listen to "The Cookie Thief" read by Wayne Dyer. ...more

101 Non-edible treats, food allergy friendly candy & recipes

If you have a child with food allergies, take a look at our free AllergyMoms newsletter. We have terrific food allergy friendly recipes, like these Birds nests! Take a peek! Take care, Gina ...more

10% off Food Allergy products, recipes, the latest reseach and eczema help!

If you have a child with food allergies, take a look at our latest food allergy newsletter with the latest updates on research toward a cure for food allergies,eczema skin care products that you may not have heard about, a recipe for an adorable allergy friendly cake, and a special offer for our subscribers: 10% off All Year at ...more

Here's a good thing: Martha Stewart's New Food Allergy & Special Dietary Needs Magazine. Can you spare 3 seconds?

All you need to do is take 3 Seconds to VOTE for her new Food Allergy & special dietary needs magazine! Click HERE , scroll down and VOTE for the New Food Allergy Magazine! There is no registering, or any other info required and you can VOTE as often as you like. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! ...more

ABC's for a Food Allergy Safe Valentine's Day Party

Click HERE for a Printer-Friendly Version! A Attend the party. Classroom parties are riskier activities for children who have food allergies and there will always be a parent or two who “didn’t get the memo” My son was enrolled in a peanut-free pre-school where one mom brought full-sized Snickers bar for each of the kids! B BYOT! ...more

Mild Peanut Allergy? Food Allergy Friendly Valentine Recipes!

Hello all, The Valentine's Day issue of our AllergyMoms newsletter is available HERE. We have an interesting article on peanut allergy which addresses members questions including "Is there any such thing as a mild peanut allergy?" We also have some terrific allergy friendly and peanut free Valentines treats and snacks and we have a FREE downloadable Guide to Safe Valentine's Day Classroom Party! ...more