One Bad Thing About Wii Fit Free Run

I was so excited when I finally unlocked the Wii Fit Free Run but as it turns out, I can't be trusted to run well when I'm watching TV.  Here's the full story.  ...more

2009, The Year Of The Wii Fit

I'm a 41 year old video gamer all of a sudden? What the heck? But, I'm loving my Wii Fit so far and it's definately helping me reach my weight loss and fitness goals.  Read about it here. ...more

How To Stop Wasting Food

This year I'm trying to trick myself into keeping my New Year's Resolutions by calling them "goals", instead.  One thing I'm trying to do is reduce the amount of food that I allow to spoil in my fridge.  I'm writing down everything I throw away.  Here's the full post about it ...more

Christmas Tree Decorating: A Man's Job?

Here's a post from my personal blog la Matriarch about my sister's husband who won't allow anybody in the family to participate in the decorating of the Christmas tree.  Do you have any weirdness about decorating your tree, or is everybody encouraged to participate? ...more

Experiencing Grant Park on Election Night

I was lucky to be able to celebrate Barack Obama's victory in Grant Park on election night.  It was the most amazing there I've ever experienced. Read more about it here. ...more

What Election Day Means To Me

This election is about so much more than just voting for the guy who shares your opinion about gun control and abortion. It's going to change the world, forever. Here's where my head is. ...more

Diet Number 785, Post Script

My latest crash diet mega-failure.    ...more

From The Nosebleed Section: The Basketball Pimp

As a season ticket holder of the Chicago Bulls basketball team, there's more to watch than the game itself.  The stands are filled with fascinating characters, like the basketball pimp, who brings a different pretty girl to every game.  Man oh man, I'm turning into a stalker! Meet the basketball pimp.   ...more

Signs I'm Aging: Short Hair and Ugly Cars

To commemorate my 41st birthday, I went and got myself a real short haircut, something I swore I'd never do.  Here's the pic and my rant about it at la Matriarch ...more

No Access to Healthcare for Kids: The Art of Cast Removal

Here's a post I wrote about how growing up in a family without access to healthcare effected me.  Remember, with any blog post, Digg it you love it! How has inadequate access to healthcare effected your family? ...more