Talking About Sex: The Friend Filters

Among different circles of friends and coworkers there are different levels of sex talk comfortability.  Sometimes filters are needed and sometimes the filters need to come off. When I am among coworkers, some of whom I do consider friends, I am not viewed as licentious or audacious.    We are surrounded by "all things sex" all day long.  This includes mainly sex toys and porn (on the screen, that is).  Our surroundings and jobs make sex (from vanilla to ultra-kinky) an ordinary topic.  It is sort of like talking about the weath...more

Sex Toys: Material Safety

Whether you are single or have been married for 20 years, it's no secret that sex toys can liven up your bed room routine.  From vibrators to sex swings, adult toys can enhance you're already sizzling sex life, or liven up the snooze fest. ...more

What's in your lube? Lotion? Toothpaste?

I always encourage people to use personal lubricant.  It tends to make all matters in the bedroom better.  Whether you are alone, with a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or the like you should always have plenty of lube on hand.  It encourages the body to produce natural lubrication and ensures comfortable and pleasurable masturbation, foreplay and intercourse. Before you purchase that bottle of lube from the drug store, go ahead and read the ingredients listed on the label - even if you are in a hurry. ...more

Is foreplay important?

A lot of emphasis is put on foreplay.  More often than not sexologists stress the importance of it for the physical and mental enjoyment of sex - especially for women.  We all know there is no switch that allows you to jump from the work or family mind set to the romance mind set.  Physically, warm up is necessary to get the lubrication going for comfortable and pleasurable intercourse.  ...more