Oh my how time has flown

I realize it's been some time since I last posted.  During the last two years my husband and I have struggled to conceive.  Some days I find it easier to share than others.  Not because of of shame or fear of judgement but because some days it takes all my will to make it through the day without breaking down.  If you asked any of my friends, I was the last person you'd expected to settle down and get married. That all changed when I met my husband/partner in life....more

Christmas Sucks!

Ok, so I wanted to wait till everyone had come down from the excitement of Christmas to post this.  Christmas sucks without children.  At least it sucks for me and my family.  I know people will think I’m being negative or throwing a pity party because I’m not pregnant yet but, truth is, this has been the unspoken opinion of all my family members for years.  It’s not Christmas without grandparents and the joy of children.  We still go to mass on Christmas Eve, we still make a nice meal, some years we even put up a tree but most of the time we find it all a big hassl...more

My New Obession - Peeing On A Stick

In the last 2 years I have taken up knitting, crocheting, sewing, scrapbooking, running and now peeing on a stick. It started with scrapbooking and a reflection on the lack of photos from my childhood.  I feel like I don’t know where I come from, that I have no roots.  So I had a pledge to my yet to be conceived child that I will document every birthday, Christmas and award ceremony so one day they can share where they come from with their children.  Then came crocheting and knitting in an effort to connect with my mother.   I wanted to bad to share my desir...more

Adventures in Conception

I guess a glass of wine was just what I needed. A couples hours after arriving home from the company Christmas Party I awoke in pain I hadn't felt since high school.  Those horrendous cramps that had me doubled over for much of my teenage years were back and unrelenting.  Along with it came a flood.  The remainder of my week I locked myself in my office popping tylenol and thanking the lord for heating pads....more

Adventures in Conception

I'm one day late and I'm constantly wondering if every grumble in my tummy is the start of cramps.  Still no early pregnancy symptoms and no PMS.  I sat on the couch last night discussing this evenings party with my husband and comtemplating the glass of wine I've so been craving.  In addition to the usual stress around the holidays, I'm dealing with alot more than usual at work.  So much so that it had me in tears two weeks earlier (I'm not one to show emotion at work).  Normally a nice glass of wine would be my perfered why of winding down after ...more

Thanks! Good luck to you too. While I really enjoy wine, I'm also a bit paranoid. A girl I ...more

Adventures in Conception

Dreaded TTW (Two Week Wait) All this pregancy lingo is new to me.  From what I've read, I'm currently in a phase know as the two week wait.  If you couldn't tell by my 3 year plan reference in my last post, I am a control/plan freek.  I'm also decisive.  I'm not one to take a long time to consider something or to take a long time to act once the decision has been made.  So the deicision has been made and the deed done, now where's my baby?  I'm working on the whole "enjoy the journey" part, but I must says I like results.  So far the result...more

Adventures in Conception

It all started two Fridays ago. My husband and I grabbed dinner at a small italian restaurant after hours of house hunting.  As if buying a house is not stressful enough, my hormone crazy mind is stuck in baby overdrive and unable to carry on a conversation about anything else.  Once upon at time we had a 3 year plan.  I know how laughable that sounds and obviously it didn't stick (insert "I told you so's" here).  Here we are a year and half later, in a very public place, discussing my cycle and when to start trying.  My husbands eyes darted around...more