Change in the Classroom

It’s been an interesting two weeks. The new semester began the second week of February, which ultimately meant the conclusion of my first semester poetry class. That class was special ....more

Transformation Tuesday

Through my younger sister– and my students– I’ve learned that Transformation Tuesday is a thing. So, I provide you with Transformation Tuesday: Snowday Edition. On the left, I present my perfect makeup from this morning ....more


Last night I put a shirt on Max because he was shivering in his sleep and he proceeded to wake up and roll around and sass at me BECAUSE OMG he is definitely my dog and a product of the name of this blog. Or something to that effect ....more



My kids are amazing.

Today my 1st semester poetry class ended, and I’m pretty sad about it. These kids are amazing. Next semester’s group will bring their own set of quirks and poetic genius, but, right now, I can’t help but mourn the loss of them ....more

Questions I hope are answered on tonight’s Parenthood finale

I’ve been dwelling on the conclusion of Parenthood far too much, so, spoiler alert, here are some of the questions I’m hoping will be answered in tonight’s series finale. ...more


Today I turned 25. It was a tranquil event, much less traumatic than I anticipated. So, here are 25 words to describe my life on the evening of my 25th birthday ....more

Annual letter to Ellen

Dear Ellen, Happy birthday to us! Every year since I’ve turned 18 I’ve written to you. I accept that you don’t want to be friends, or even acquaintances, so I’ll settle for birthday buddies ....more


I hate my feet. They’re a size 11, which has led me to binge-shop for shoes when I find a store that carried my size. I don’t care if the shoes are ugly, if they fit, I’m buying multiple pairs of them ....more

tired: a haiku

exhausted: always. ready to nap for hours. #trueteacherproblems ...more