Yosemite, Day Two

I was the first to wake up in our beautiful rental house, and the first thing I did was open the front door. We had arrived in the dark the night before, so I hadn’t been able to see our surroundings. The house looked out on a field with grazing cattle and a forest beyond ....more

Yosemite, Day One

Our family had a amazing two weeks in California; we covered so much ground–literally–that it’s going to take me a few posts to tell you all about it! From the time we picked up our rental car in Los Angeles to the morning we turned it back in, we drove about 2,500 miles. We knew that we were going to have to drive a lot, but we also had a couple of setbacks ....more

Your Spin Cycle Prompt {week of 8/25}

The girls’ first full day of school was last Thursday. A group of parents were waiting outside the door for the bell to ring at 3:30. Suddenly, without even a warning drop of rain, the heavens opened up and streams of water started falling from the sky ....more

I Admit It; I’m Happy {Spin Cycle}

Yesterday, I was going to go outside and take pictures of my garden to show you how happiness happens. Remember that huge, old willow tree in our backyard? The tree I loved but had to be cut down? ...more

Your Spin Cycle Prompt {week of 8/18}

When Gretchen and I were trying to find a prompt for this week, we stumbled upon Happiness Happens Month. So we thought we’d write about happiness this week. I made pink velvet cupcakes for Emmy’s birthday party! ...more

How Can Summer Be Over Already?

Last winter was so long and cold and we had so much snow that spring came as such a relief. School ended and I was so excited about spending the whole summer with my babies! And as always, summer just flew by ....more

The Spin Cycle is Back!

Yesterday, I flipped the calendar to August. I know, it’s been August for almost two weeks, and I’m late! As I flipped that page, August 20th jumped out at me ....more

Lemon Grove Loop Trail

I’ve always loved lemons, and ever since I named my blog after lemons, I’ve loved them even more. Sour tastes can be so good, and then being able to take something that is sour and making it sweet seems like a miracle. It’s like the soft version of making water into wine ....more

O Wines: Perfect for Summer! {Review}

After the girls are tucked in for the night, I like to pour myself a glass of wine. While sipping my wine, I’ll work on a blog post or watch a comedy with Ed on TV. It’s even better when I’m able to enjoy one of my programs all by myself! ...more

When Bloggers Meet

This weekend was the biggest blogging conference, BlogHer ’14, in San Jose, California. Unlike last year, I wasn’t able to go. Instead, I was at the southern end of the state meeting a blogger friend for the very first time! ...more