Ten Fashions of No Return

Why, yes, at some point in my 46 years, I have worn every single one of these fashion mistakes, and hope that they never come back into fashion! If you’ve lived through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, I’m sure you’ve endured these fashions as well. Pictured above is me, on my eighth birthday in 1977, with a version of the Dorothy Hamill haircut ....more

The Spin Cycle is back!

Today just might be your favorite day of the year, since everyone loves watermelon. It’s National Watermelon Day! I, however, will not be celebrating ....more

Simply Put, I Trust Our U.S. Farmers

Apparently Chipotle has had a carnitas shortage, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune business section today. Even though carnitas, otherwise known as pork, is my burrito filling of choice, I haven’t noticed. I haven’t been too fond of Chipotle’s marketing strategies lately and haven’t eaten there for a while ....more

Junk Food Jamboree #TuesdayTen

Junk food: so bad for you and yet so tempting! Today just happens to be National Junk Food Day, and here are 10 foods I could live off of if calories and nutrition didn’t matter. (I actually think if I ate just these foods for one day, I’d be craving a big, green leafy salad!) It seems like my favorite junk food comes from two food groups: Vegetable and Dairy ....more

The Spin Cycle Is On Vacation!

For the next two weeks, there will be no Spin Cycle link up. Instead, I will be washing about billion pool towels after the girls’ swim conference this week and then catching up on all the laundry that didn’t get washed because I’ve been washing pool towels and swim suits for 7 weeks straight. Be sure to look for new Spin Cycle prompts starting on Monday, August 3! ...more

Trekkie or Trekker? And Other Geekiness.

Even though my sister and I refer to ourselves as “Trekkies,” we are actually “Trekkers.” Why, yes, there is a difference! Trekkies have the reputation of being slightly off-balance in their devotion to Star Trek, while Trekkers are more rational and just have fun with their Star Trek fandom. Our devotion to Star Trek began back in the 70’s and can be blamed on our father ....more

Bring Out the Inner Geek

Do you remember the T.V. show Freaks and Geeks? It always sounded like a good show to me, since I would have been able to relate to being a freak and/or a geek in high school, but by the time it was on T.V. I had been out of high school for a long time. My friend A.J. Cattapan just admitted to being a Star Wars geek on her Facebook page, and so I’ll credit her with the idea for this prompt! ...more

A Taste of Independence

I think the first time I felt independent was when I finally got my driver’s license. It took me a while to go to the DMV to actually get it because I was so afraid I would fail. When I finally did take my road test, the guy with the clipboard in the passenger seat did not help ....more

10 Reasons I’m Glad I Live Where I Do!

Ed and I started looking for houses before we were even engaged. I guess that should have been a clue that Ed was serious about getting serious! Back then, however, we looked at houses just for fun ....more

Are You Independent?

This past weekend in the U.S., we celebrated Independence Day. You know, the day we declared that the colonies were independent from England. And then we started a war to prove it ....more