Kicking Off Summer

Take me out to the ballgame! Kicking Off Summer! Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer! ...more

Remembering Mr. “R”

Most of the teachers I had were good teachers. My parents were very wise, and when they didn’t like one of my teachers, they didn’t let on. They taught me to respect my teachers ....more

Out From Behind the Screen

It didn’t even occur to me until the chorus concert was almost over. Why were all these other kids singing solos, and Lily wasn’t getting up to sing one? She had auditioned, and her music teacher has always given her a solo before ....more

Teachers and Teaching {Spin Cycle Prompt}

Did you miss my Becoming a Mom post last week? As the school year comes to an end, it seems like there are a hundred little things to wrap up as both a mom and a teacher! As a mom, there are end-of-the-year concerts to attend and special school events like Muffins with Mom ....more

Becoming a Mom

On Mother’s Day, I woke up to the sound of noises in the kitchen. Thank goodness it was after 7:00! With the help of their daddy, the girls were making me breakfast in bed ....more

Spin Cycle Update {5/11/15}

Between orchestra concerts and Ed working on Saturday, school ice cream socials, Lily’s research project and Mother’s Day celebrations, I’ve barely had time to sit at the computer! So let’s get straight to the point and our Spin Cycle prompts! Yes, you read that right ....more

Spy Moms #LosetheCape

My kids have just discovered the Spy Kid movies on Netflix, and they have been watching them non-stop. They love the special effects and of course, the spy gadgets! What my kids might not realize is that moms come equipped with their own set of spy skills and gadgets as well! ...more

Flowers Bloom {Spin Cycle Prompt}

How does that phrase go? April showers bring May flowers! This week, we’re also having May showers and thunderstorms, and things are definitely getting greener out there! ...more

Visiting Monsanto

Just for a moment, put aside all that you think you know about Monsanto. Currently, Monsanto’s focus is on agriculture. They deliver agricultural products that support farmers all around the world ....more