Roses in January {Spin Cycle}

On the first day of January, it was a beautiful, 40 degree day! There was no snow on the ground and we took a walk/scooter ride to the playground. I remember thinking that if the rest of winter was this good, I would be happy! ...more

How Being a Field Mom Made Me a Better Preschool Teacher

When I applied for the Illinois Farm Families Field Mom program back in 2013, I hoped that my experience would enhance my teaching as a preschool teacher. I learned even more than I thought I would! Did my experience help me as a preschool teacher? ...more

It’s January! {Spin Cycle Prompt}

Every time I see this cartoon on Facebook, I laugh. Is January really so bad? How has your January been? ...more

Spin Cycle and Ask Away Friday with Tamara

This week the girls have been watching Fetch on Netflix, which is a reality/game show for kids made by PBS. The host, Ruff Ruffman, (he’s a dog) always gives out Bonus Points! This week, I’m giving you a bonus! ...more

Skiing Makes Me Nervous

There are a few stories that Ed really likes to tell about me. One story is about Sunday mornings. According to him, I’m always running late and he is sitting in the car fuming, waiting for me to come outside ....more

Traveling {Spin Cycle Prompt}

This weekend, we took advantage of the above-freezing temperatures and took a little road trip up to Wisconsin. It’s really more accurate to say that we took a little trip up the road! We jumped on Hwy 12 and took it all the way up to Wilmot Mountain ....more

Put a Ring On It {Spin Cycle}

The girls and I were just getting home from the movies on one of those cold, cold days we had last week. It was so cold that school was cancelled, and yet we still went out with our warm, reliable minivan to shop at Target and to see Annie. Ed was already home from work when we pulled into the garage, and he was looking around his car with a flashlight ....more

It Comes and It Goes

The other night at dinner, I really wanted to order a beer. But I didn’t. I was still feeling achy and had just taken some medicine, so I thought a beer wasn’t a good idea ....more

Lost {Spin Cycle Prompt}

Last Friday, some of you may have thought I was lost! I didn’t get my Word of 2015 published until well into the evening! By the way, it’s still not summer here ....more

It’s Not Summer {Spin Cycle}

It has been some week. We had two days off of school for extreme wind chills. I gladly stayed home because I was sick with the “fever and cough” that’s been going around ....more