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Tight Rope: Life's Ups and Downs

           Watching your children head off on their own into the world of adulthood is a lot like watching a high wire act. You are filled with excitement and anticipation as well as the underlying feelings of fear and doubt. Consumed by this mixture of horror and awe, holding your breath, you gaze up at them, eyes wide, as they take those first pensive steps-- establishing their grip on the tight rope, wobbling slightly, focused and intent....more

Allies, Rivals, Partners in Crime (otherwise known as Sisters)

           A few weeks ago Sister's Week circulated on Facebook. I obliged by reposting the status, something I rarely participate in,  and posting a picture of my sister and I on my profile. But I knew immediately that I wanted to do more. I wanted to blog about her. When I look back over my life my sister is a player in all the major events, and she left an indelible mark on me....more

Come Over to the Dark Side

          I have spent the last few years trying to lure my sister into joining the social networking community. (Come on. All your friends are doing it.) Her response is always “I don’t have time,” which is a legitimate excuse, considering how much of my time is sucked up by the internet. Although, upon reflection, I have found this reason lacks accuracy and understanding of the social networking phenomena....more

Look, Ma! No hands!

          A few nights ago I was out running some errands. In an effort to kill two birds with one stone I was acting as passenger, while my oldest son practiced his driving. We were parked in front of the Girl Scout leader’s house while my youngest ran up to drop off some papers, and chatting-- which is one of my favorite parts about teaching the kids to drive, all that one-on-one time they are required by law to spend with me....more

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I remember being jealous the first day of ...more

The Greatest Gift

                When I was a little girl my dad would read books to each of us kids. I recall listening as he read the Wizard of Oz series to my sister, and not listening when he read whatever books my brother selected. When it was my turn it was usually one of two books I remember him reading: "The Wind in the Willows," and "Mrs....more

Thanks for your recommendation. There have been many spin-offs of the Wizard of Oz series and ...more

My American Voting Experience

My son turned 18 this year, and is about to vote for the first time, so naturally I started thinking about my own voting experience.  I didn’t grow up in a home where I recall politics being discussed openly like it is in my children’s home.  Maybe it was because my parents were divorced when I was very young, and so these conversations never happened. I’m prone to think it is because my parents came from an age where your politics were considered private, and you just didn’t discuss it. If I had to venture a guess, I would have said my Dad was a Republican and my mom was a Democrat. Although, if you asked me now, I’d tell you exactly the opposite. Technically I think my dad may be a Libertarian now, but that’s a whole other ballgame. I have heard others speak about their own experiences and how they “switched teams” as they grew older. I’ve often wondered about the process that takes place, in order for that to happen. My own positions have never changed, but my political thinking has evolved significantly over the years. In some ways I miss the optimism of my young voter self, and in others I despise the naiveté of her ideology....more

It is true that convicted felons can not vote. It seems sort of archaic. I mean I'm not sure how ...more

Queen of the Banned

As a (former) Children's Librarian I always try to draw attention to Banned Books Week (September 25- October 2, 2010.) I am 100% against all types of censorship-- books, film, music et al. I often find most people are unaware that book banning and challenging still goes on today. I also find most people are shocked by the materials being challenged. At the end of this blog is the ALA's list of Top 100 Challenged Books for this Decade and a link to the 100 Most Challenged Classics. How many have you read?...more

A Car Buyer's Guide to Marriage

Recently I "celebrated" 18 years of marriage. At a point when so few marriages seem to last for any significant amount of time, you may be hoping I can offer some insights into how I have managed this feat. I believe the key is thinking of husbands in terms of cars. You may wonder what brings about this unusual theory? Well, I have done intense research over these last 18 years, and by "intense research" I mean I have observed and heard my fellow wives' experiences, and I have found husbands all have similar factory defects. I think the secret to surviving marriage is in recognizing that all women discover these warps in their own husbands, no matter which style they selected. ...more

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