Not the number on the scale

Hey y’all. I’m alive and kicking and swimming in moving boxes and paper. ALL of our stuff is coming this week. It’s great to have my things back and get my crafting stuff in order so I can hit the ground running with this little Etsy shop I’m setting up (more on that later…) but I am tiiiiired! Who knew we had so much stuff? Anywho, still making it to the gym pretty much daily. When I can’t get there I’m doing what I can at home....more

Crock Pot Taco Soup

Yesterday I posted about trying to get back into the clean eating and a good starting point grocery list. Of course after I posted about the shopping I found THIS awesome blog. I can see this make the actual meal planning process so. much. easier! Check it out… Themed meal planning. I had to come back and share it too. It can really work with any kind of diet....more

Gone Crunchy: DIY Laundry Soap

I used to laugh at the idea of home made laundry soap. Seemed like so much work when I can just go buy a jug of Tide.And then I realized it’s insanely cheap. So I went for it.It helps that I now have a friend that is all about homemade stuffs and told me what to do.So I went for it....more

Fit Faves!

Now that we are finally settling in here in Alabama I am back into the swing of things with my fitness journey. There was definitely a detour for a few weeks around the big move. I’m throwing myself right back into it though and nothing screams motivation to me like fun tools to use. Example: I’m a bit of a water bottle junkie. Every time I feel like I need a boost in motivation I buy a new water bottle. I’ve gone through a LOT....more