salted caramel pear phyllo tart

Here’s what I want you to do: Drop everything Monday is asking for and make this tart. Seriously. It’ll change your day — nay, your week ....more

fluffy coconut flour pancakes

IT’S OFFICIALLY FALL, Y’ALL. And I could not be more excited about it. The leaves, the crisp-cool air, the apple and pumpkin picking, the scarves and coats and sleepy weekend mornings in cozy sweaters and slippers… and these pancakes ....more

twice baked sweet potatoes with bacon + chives

You guys, I’ve eaten so many sweet potatoes in the last few weeks that I might be turning orange. I know this happens with carrots. In fact my dad, when he was a youth, ate so many carrots every day for lunch that his skin did, in fact, generate an orange-y hue for a short time (or so my mother says, anyway) ....more

40-minute honey wheat pretzel twists

Major health concerns aside, I’m fairly certain I would be happy to live on the following foods and beverages alone: Pretzels, ice cream and coffee. The pretzels take care of the salty cravings, while the ice cream takes care of the sweet. And I really don’t think I could make it long without coffee ....more

four days in asheville

We spent four days there but it only took a few hours for us to fall for the place. Between the food, the gorgeous scenery, the eclectic people, the fresh mountain air and the Southern charm, we knew right away we picked the perfect place for our getaway. Before we left, a lot of people asked us, “Why Asheville? ...more

caribbean jerk chicken, bean + rice bowls

Wouldn’t it be super neat if you could eat a certain food and it would transport you to the place of its origin? Like if this Caribbean jerk chicken transported me right to a sunny Caribbean beach. That would be just super neat ....more

pumpkin chai doughnut muffins

Yeah, I did. I did mention pumpkin already. But in my defense → also chai ....more

joseph joseph bread bin giveaway

Happy day after Labor Day, friends! I know the day after a long holiday weekend can be a real downer, so I’m here for you, today, with a fun giveaway. (cue the Carlton dance!) A few weeks ago, an awesome local-to-me modern home design purveyor called AlwaysMod contacted me about reviewing their Joseph Joseph Bread Bin 100 and a few gorgeous Lapuan Kankurit kitchen linens ....more

10 things to know when working with brands

Six years, y’all. That’s how long I’ve been blogging. That practically makes me a dinosaur in blogging years ....more

blueberry lime cream cheese cookies

Blueberries. Limes. Cream Cheese ....more