grilled mushroom pizza with rosemary and smoked mozzarella

I need you to do something for me: DROP EVERYTHING. And make this grilled mushroom pizza immediately. OK, maybe that’s too pushy, considering I just had my first sip of coffee and am myself nowhere near the energy level to, like, get off the couch, but in about an hour or two? ...more

chocolate graham crackers

It’s the Tuesday after the holiday weekend, which always feels like a Monday, amiright? Good thing we can lift our spirits with chocolate, in the form of homemade chocolate graham crackers. I don’t know about you, but for me, summer does not begin until a s’more has been had ....more

pineapple mint granita with rum

Hiya, frands! I’m writing to you from the Windy City, where the hubs and I spent the last few days celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary (WHAT I FEEL OLD) by doing what we do best — eating. Seriously, I did not realize just how much food I can actually put down in any given day ....more

avocado coconut toast

Let’s get one thing straight here: No one, certainly not I, needs to tell you how to make avocado toast. It can be as simple as spreading an avocado on — you guessed it — a piece of toast. But see, there’s avocado toast, and then there’s AVOCADO TOAST ....more

multigrain sandwich bread

This multigrain sandwich bread is the kind of bread that gets me excited about baking bread, you know? Let me explain. See, in the summer, no one really wants to be baking ....more

whole wheat oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bars

We have a problem. My two-year-old daughter? She’s just like me ....more

grilled steak and mushroom kabobs

PSST — Scroll to the bottom of this post for an exclusive offer from ButcherBox just for Girl Versus Dough readers! Hint: It involves bacon. This weekend was a blur, and I am so full and happy from it ....more

peach pineapple chai smoothie

What is this? A protein smoothie on Girl Versus Dough? Believe it, folks ....more

green goddess potato salad with bacon & peas

Ladies and gentlefolk, I present to you your new go-to summer potluck dish. Those of us in the Midwest know the potluck well. In winter, it’s all about bringing hot dishes in slow cookers stuffed in boxes with blankets to keep food warm (I’m serious — at one potluck I went to last winter, about eight of 10 people came bearing blanketed crockpots in cardboard boxes, and it was amazing) ....more

5 ingredient nutella granola

I’m calling it: Summer is officially here. And with summer comes the need for snacks: snacks for road trips, snacks for ball games, snacks for camping trips, snacks for long weekends at the cabin, snacks for late nights on the back porch under the twinkle lights (in my Pinterest life). And I’m here for you, for all of the above, with these words: 5 Ingredient Nutella Granola ....more