Anatomy Of A Sock

Yup, this is another blog post about toe smotherers….first, let me preface this by saying that I have not, nor will I ever become a lover of socks, more like…I may actually tolerate them from this point forward now that I have completed 2 knitting torture projects....more

How to eliminate fuzzy white mold on your house plants

You know the stuff…the little grayish-white fuzzy puffballs that suddenly spring up about a week after you plant your new garden seeds.  It blossoms across the surface of the soil and if you have planted your seeds in peat pots, soon the entire outside of the container will resemble one of the guitars from ZZ Top.So what do you do???...more

For The Birds...

Ugh….they have returned….After a much needed reprieve of the past 5 months, the buzzards have come back....more
@Gitana1962 It really is a good thing.  After all, didn't TLC sing a very popular song in 1999 ...more

Top 5 Herbs To Grow This Year

Today’s lesson on Gardening is all about Herbs.  Without Herbs, you would be eating food that tastes like baby food  ~ which is fine if you have no teeth I guess…but most of us prefer the food we eat to wow our taste buds.  For this we can thank Herbs. There are Herbs that are easy to grow.  Then there are Herbs that make life difficult for you.  Worse still, there are Herbs that can strangle your tomatoes and wreak havoc on the neighbourhood ~ ok, just kidding on that last part, but you have to ...more
Last spring I ripped almost everything out of my flower bed in the front (I don't know what ...more

Door Mat Psychology

In my real world job, I see a LOT of houses.  Different houses everyday and with that, I get to see all kinds of door mats.  Did you know that the type of door mat you display at the entrance to your home tells the world the type of person you are?True it is…and I have compiled unscientific data on door mat to human personas and this is what I have come up with…....more

Easiest Sweet 'n Sour Meatballs Ever!

Sometimes you just need a no-brainer recipe for dinner, and this fits the bill in spades.  These are so easy, even your budding ‘Chopped’ 5 year old could make them. ...more

Triple Mix Meatballs

From Albania to Vietnam and a hundred countries in between…Meatballs come in a wide variety of styles and flavours.  Known as Albóndigas from Spain and Latin America to the Danish Frikadeller to the Indonesian Baksos, they are all variations of the humble meatball....more

Washing Up In Style

Do you hate doing dishes?  I do…but with these bright, colourful dishcloths, it makes the chore somewhat cheerier…. ok, maybe not, but you’ll love the look of them anyway.If you can knit and purl, then these 100% cotton dishclothes can be made in no time.  Literally, all you need is a couple hours to do one, something you can putter away with while watching The Amazing Race or better yet, get 2 done while watching the Super Bowl Hoopla next Sunday (incidentally, that is what I will be doing)....more

The Best Garlic Smoosher

I love Garlic….but I also hate smooshing Garlic. It is messy, sticky stuff and makes your hands smell like garlic for days.  Which is fine if you want to ward off Vampires.  I also do not care to spend $20 on an over-priced, hard to clean garlic press gadget with some famous company’s logo on it. Now I am not one for product endorsements, especially when I get nothing for it, but I found the perfect, cheap (frugal!) garlic press and I just have to share this wonderful invention…...more

OMG ~ I am over 50!

What the heck happened? Last time I checked, I was 34 and busy refereeing a teenager and a tween who were chasing each other around the house threatening dismemberment to each other.  Thankfully, the only casualty was our son’s bedroom door when daughter put her foot through it, apparently he deserved a lot worse.  Anyway, on with today’s revelation…. Last Sunday hubby and I drove up to the Homestead to give it the once over for insurance purposes (as it is closed for the winter...more