I Promised Her I Would Take Better Care of Myself

I’ve had an issue with food since I was about three years old. One of my earliest memories is sneaking into the kitchen, peeling away the gold foil on the stick of Blue Bonnet margarine and biting into it with reckless abandon. Yes, this is a true story. When you are left home with a schizophrenic mother while your siblings are off at school and your father is at work -- well, you find comfort where you can. Apparently, at three, you can find solace in partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. ...more

What a gift, both your growing awareness and her parting wish for your health and ...more

We Wear Short Shorts

During the month of March, all these emotions start percolating up to the surface. It's birthday month. ...more

I never had the cajones to wear them outside of my house. I still don't, and doubt if I ever ...more

Somewhere Under A Rainbow: Mothering When You Didn't Have a Mother

I spent the whole of Wednesday buried under my covers feeling sorry for myself. My daughter Paige and I have been fighting like cats and dogs as of late, maneuvering our way through the typical mother-daughter dynamics (I hate you! I love you!). I'm not exaggerating when I say that there have been some knock-down, drag-out screaming matches and threats of boycotting each other -- 4-ever! It's completely unrelenting. ...more

Wow your story really resonated with me!  Especially the part about parenting without a ...more

Parenting a Teen: A Little Glimpse of Hope

There's a certain point at which you realize that everything left to do as a parent is pretty much small potatoes compared to all the work you did between the ages of zero and 12. Gone are the days when the definition of "mom" meant "center of the universe." Gone are the days when going to bed without snuggling seemed sacrilegious. You realize that window of opportunity for imparting your great nuggets of wisdom has mostly passed and that your job now is relegated to chauffeur and chef. And that's if you are lucky....more

I only have one child and he is only yet a preschooler, but I love reading articles like this ...more

Police Reports: One of Life's Little Pleasures

I feel so much better about myself. **** ...more

That sounds like something that was in The Hangover. That's just insane, but hilarious. I ...more

Parents Just Don't Understand

The other day I got an email from the school district calling for an urgent meeting:11/07/09 Subject: VHS Dance Discussion All Welcome to Attend...more

Ahem****not to be trite***** but have they actually seen salsa??  Holy cow.....salsa ...more