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I'm declaring 2011 - The Year of the Hug

It's been a long time since I've posted anything. I guess that is what happens when you get a job and have to live up to the things you promised you could do in your interview. Besides me going back to work, lots of changes in the 'hood. New neighbors moving in, old neighbors moving out. It's been bittersweet. ...more

It took me until April, but I am with you on this being the year of the hug. Pessimism often ...more

What if adults put posters on their walls like we did when we were teenagers? (Yes, I still love Van Halen).

Last night my husband and I spent the night at his sister's house. We were kid sitting my nephew while my SIL, her husband and their daughter spent the night out of town.My husband fell asleep on the couch and I slept in my niece Hannah's room. Apparently, I haven’t been in her room for a very long time....more

22 Things I’ve learned since I was laid off.

1. I don't like to get up early.2. The name of my dry cleaner (Mrs. Kim), my deli guy (Cobby) the guy at the Mobile station (Nguyen), and the homeless/mentally challenged fellow who pushes a cart in my sister's neighborhood (Van). They all have names...and stories.3. I don't set the heat at 72 degrees anymore. 67 degrees with a light fleece on is just fine, thank you.4....more

Sorry you were laid off ShoreBookworm.
I was laid off in Feb, 2008. It really does suck. I love ...more

The Thirty Year Countdown

My husband and I were married five years ago yesterday. When we were married, my husband joked that he was in it for the long haul - which he said was for 30 years. Ha. Ha Funny. Every year for our anniversary, we drink wine (I hate Champagne) from our special wedding glasses and have a nice dinner....more

Chicken, Parking and a 3 Story Drop Off

Repost from 3/10 We live on the third floor of a walk-up in the city. If I leave my condo, I can walk exactly 3/10ths of a mile to get to the closest bar. We are within walking distance to approximately 40 bars and restaurants, numerous dry cleaners, drugstores, music venues, coffeehouses and grocery stores....more

It happens every winter! The best part is the random items people use to save their spots!

I ...more

I like cheap wine, there - I said it.

I never used to drink red wine. In fact, I didn’t like any kind of wine unless it was mixed with Sprite. To think the Bartles & Jaymes people and the California Cooler people picked up on such a simple mix. Ugh. I got over my aversion to red wine in college. Specifically my sophomore year, at a party at my apartment. One of the guys brought over a gallon – or jug – of red wine....more

This is hilarious, and I totally agree. I'm glad I'm not alone! I'm a latecomer to red wine, but ...more

Where has the art of bagging groceries gone?

I remember when I was in high school that a lot of my male classmates had jobs at local grocery stores bagging groceries. Thinking back - I don't know why girls didn't hold this position. Hmm - maybe they did, but I don't remember. Anyway, back then, the grocery bagger (aka cute boy) would bag your groceries and then helped you - OK, my mom - out to your car and even put them in your trunk. Then, after the trunk was closed shut, my mom would give them a tip. ...more
Aren't you just quite the bitch. Or maybe you just live in a crappy place. If you would have to ...more