Health Insurance is Killing Me

Where do I start?  The fact that I am uninsurable because an endocrinologist wrongfully diagnosed me with Pituitary Dwarfism or that I am uninsurable and can’t get treatment for possible breast cancer because of the wrongful diagnosis.  I have a family history of breast cancer. ...more

Things Aren't Always As They Seem

Things Aren't Always What They Seem ...more

Dear Gladys

Dear Gladys 10-19-09 ...more

Someone Is Sleeping In my Bed

Someone Has Been Sleeping in My Bed I wrote this story some time ago and thought I would share it with you.  I will warn you, it is long so I have split it into three parts.  This is part one.  I will post the next installment next Wednesday. ...more

Gladys Does Her Own Harper Valley PTA

I Want To Tell You All A Story About A Harper Valley Widowed Wife... Remember the song Harper Valley PTA?...more

National Bulling Prevention Week

National Bully Awareness National Bully Awareness is not about learning how to be a better bully.  It is about being aware if you are being bullied what to do.  It is also about recognizing if you are the one being a bully.  ...more

Sometimes Revenge Can Be Bile

Kahuna and I were watching Dr. Phil. Hey don’t judge. Anyway he had a bunch of little girls on his show, Dr. Phil not Kahuna, talking about bullies. American Girl, yeah the store with the really expensive clothing and dolls, is sponsoring a group of seminars for young girls who are victims of bullying....more

Going Where You're Looking

My mother used to tell me that I never looked where I was going....more

Getting My Mammories Grammed

I used to have health insurance.  That was a long time ago before the doctor decided I was a dwarf with a prune belly and a re-grown uterus instead of a middle aged healthy woman.   Back then I would go into my girly doctor and have my girly things checked.  I would always go about two weeks prior to my girly appointment to the torture room of doom.  I would go into the room and take off my shirt and my under things.  < ...more

My Worst Date, Well One of Them

My Worst Date, Well One of Them ...more