Help! I think my daughter needs a helmet...

Of course I can joke about it now, but 4 hours ago I was shaking in my flip flops.  It is a sight no mother wants to find.  I was having a very productive day around the house and was in the kitchen preparing dinner for the family.  My 17 month old and 3 year old are milling about.....more

The "Glass Half Empty" Mom

I envy other moms.  You know....The "Glass Half Full" kind?  The ones who can be Betty Crocker in the kitchen, home school their children,  make staying at home with their kids a breeze.  You know the kind....they have a spotless house, coordinate weekly family "game night", head the Elementary PTA, attend church every Sunday.  They are room mothers, soccer moms, have kids that always look perfect and coordinated, they chauffer their kids to ballet, soccer, cheer, and voice lessons....more
@Bad Luck Detective Oh.. I appreciate that! :) Thank You.more