Why having a child made me even more pro-choice

When our son was born, my husband and I were in a fairly good place. We had been together for three years, were fairly OK financially, we had some relatives living close by who were willing to lend a hand with the baby. We had just weathered a spot of adversity and were in a fabulous place in our relationship, connected, loving, strong, intimate. We thought of ourselves as kind, intelligent, patient people who were well-equipped to provide a stable and loving home to a child. We felt as ready as we would ever be for a child, and we wanted very much this baby that I was carrying. ...more

I always got confused with the labels pro-choice and pro-life. It always seemed to me that ...more

There's an alien in the house! Thoughts on parenting, six months into the baby wrangling game.

The birth of my son was easily the most surreal experience of my life. If I had drawn that moment as a sketch it would look something like this: Parents, with collective gasp: The alien has landed! Newborn babe: Waaah! Waaah! take me to your leader. Parents: hello! Hi there sweet thing. Welcome, uh, to our world. We have much to teach you and you us! Now, uh, what shall we do with you and your uncomprehensible yet irritating language? ...more