End of Summer Recap (2015)

Can you believe how fast this summer went? I always say that the older I get, the faster time flies. It makes me sad ....more

New Beginnings

Yesterday morning, I sent my baby boy off to kindergarten. This is a major milestone in his life, and in mine. In the last month,...more

Our Summer Scrapbook, 2015 – Part Four

So, it appears that every three weeks is my...more

Our Summer Scrapbook, 2015 – Part Three

My apologies for the long blog absence. You know…summer, and all that. I have no other excuses that you haven’t already heard a million times: It’s hot ....more

Our Summer Scrapbook, 2015 – Part Two

Oh dear. I’m soooo behind on everything. I mean...more

May Goals Update

For ongoing goals: Green = doing well Red = needs improvement For short term goals: Strike-through = DONE! Relationships I will write and mail thank-you notes for every gift/thoughtful gesture (caught up!) I will send hand-written birthday cards. I will endeavor to not be quite so hermit-like (I went to a birthday garden party for ...more

Vacation! (2015)

Last week, we took the kids on a 4-day mini-break. It was fun…and exhausting. I’m so tired, I can barely string two sentences together ....more

Our 2015 Summer Scrapbook

Summer officially began for us on Monday, but first we had DJ’s preschool picnic – our last one – which I was more than a little sniffly and sad about. With the exception of a couple of gap years, we’ve had a child at this preschool since 2006. It was a big part of our ...more

Weekly News Digest – May 14th, 2015

* DJ has mastered riding a bike without training wheels! He practiced and practiced until one day it just clicked. Now he speeds around the driveway for hours every day ....more