Things That Will Make Me Go Blind

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Make Up Expiration Dates

Just like everything else make-up expires. Below is an outline of typical expiration dates for cosmetics. Bear in mind that this is just a guideline and not hard and fast rules if your products start to separate, smell, change color, texture or consistency than chances are they need to be thrown out. To get the most shelf life out of your cosmetics keep the products closed tightly and store them in a cool, dry place. Never, EVER store your makeup in the bathroom all of the heat and humidity from the shower will speed bacteria growth and will cause color change.   ...more

I would like to share my experience: I found that cosmetics can expire even before we buy and ...more

News That Rocks

Just to show how much power purchasers do in fact have I wanted to let you guys know about this little tidbit: ...more

Hyper Reality Always Out of Reach

The YWCA released a study in mid-August detailing out how dangerous the pursuit of unrealistic standards of beauty is for women and girls. Are women hitting a crisis? This study seems to think so. The study found that nearly 80% of women are dissatisfied with their personal appearance. The most disturbing thing was that 40% of newly diagnosed cases of eating disorders are in young girls. The study says that body image problems start for girls as early as kindergarten. Kindergarten. 5 years old. ...more

Fall Fashion Trends - The bad and the ugly

Yesterday I presented some of my favorite trends for the fall. Those were things I thought would be very wearable and fun for most women. Today I'm presenting the stuff that I think is silly and just plain ugly.   Plaid. I don’t know I just can’t buy in. I feel like they push this on us every couple of years and I just feel like a rejected extra from Brigadoon – but that’s me. ...more

What's Hot for Fall - The Good

There are actually some fun trends for Fall. There are of course some trends that I’m skeptical of. Let’s start with what I think is great: ...more

Yay! For angry clients!

I recently received some negative feedback from a client. It hit me kind of hard. I had yet to hear anything but positive and glowing feedback from the people I help. It sent me into a little wallowing fit for about 5 minutes. This to me proves how much I’ve grown since starting this business. While my business is still in its infancy I have found that my self-confidence and my faith in myself has grown exponentially. I no longer worry and that is huge. I worried constantly when I started. Now I just have this ...more

Dior at CVS? Say What?

Imagine a world where you don’t have to schlep out to your local Sephora or Ulta store when you are running low on precious beauty supplies. Imagine a world where you would go to CVS in order to grab a new Dior Show Mascara or pick up your favorite Benefit eyeliner. Imagine refilling a prescription, buying dish soap and high end cosmetics all in one place. I’m quite excited for this new world. This world is fast approaches ladies. ...more

That is exciting news!  Personally I try to avoid malls at all costs as I don't care for the ...more

Internet & Discount Shopping Guide

Okay we all need to go shopping and there has to be SOME rules, right? I am sure that some of you are saying “so then what do you suggest Smarty-Pants?” ...more

There are a handful of stores and sites that I comb regularly looking for bargains. ...more

Clothing and Maintenance Tips

1.       Don't talk yourself into an outfit that isn't flattering to your frame. There are only two kinds of clothes in this world. Clothes that flatter you and clothes that don't. Avoid the latter regardless of ...more