Naturally Fierce Feature: Mia

Mia Settle originally from Fayetteville, NC but currently reside in the DMV area. I big chopped in summer 2006 after major damage from chemical processing. I was so frustrated with my damaged hair I first decided that I would cut all of my permed ends off, wear braids for a few months until my hair was healthy again, and then perm again ....more

Travel: Natural in Philippines

I have been in the Philippines for almost two months now and haven’t said a word about what has been going on with my hair. Since this is a lengthy post I’ll start with the highlights in a timeline form. Week 1-3: Marley twists Week 4: Two chunky flat twists Week 5: Wash ‘n’ Go/Afro Week 6: Two strand twists Week 7-8: Flat twists protective style Week 8: Twists, Twist Out and Afro Simba (pet name for my fro) does not like being cramped in a trike ....more

Outfit of the Week: Classy & Curly

Classy. Curly. by globalcouture featuring a Curly tee Donna Karan black skirt $1,375...more

I’m More Than My Curls: Natural Hair & Self Worth

Do you remember the first time you transitioned to your natural curls? All those times that you washed and deep conditioned it and said to yourself, “What is my hair really going to look like if I do this?” Some naturalistas are or have been placed in this position. Let’s consider what African American hair has experienced before reaching transition: As a child, any twisting hairstyle packed with petroleum jelly worked for your mom ....more

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Naturally Fierce Feature: Amyette

My name is Amyette Bridges originally from SC but I’ve been living in GA for 12 years now, currently residing in Sandy Springs, GA. ...more


Detangling is a necessary evil that naturals endure at every hair length possible. ...more

Top 15 Natural Hair Ingredients

I think it’s safe to say that if you’re a person that wants healthy hair with the minimal amount of damage then you’re also a person that wants to make sure that the products you’re using are healthy as well. For the ingredient readers out there or those of you that are interested in knowing what you can use for your individual needs outside of your regular wash routine, I’ve prepared a small list of ingredients that are already in most natural hair products or that you can add at home to simply contribute to the well-being of your luscious curls. Most of the ingredients below can be added to any of your products and can all be found in your kitchen or around your house....more

Naturally Fierce Feature: Kimberly

Tell us about yourself. My name is Kimberly Nichole but everyone calls me Kimmie. I was born and raised in Southern California, but I have lived in NYC for 6 years now ....more

4 Tips for Easier Detangling

Oh, detangling! [sigh] I have such a love, hate relationship with this step of caring for my hair. It’s an essential part of maintaining healthy hair,...more