Chilean President In Solidarity with Haitian Women

  This post was originally written on February 20th, 2010, just one week before the 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit Concepción, Chile. ...more

Violence Against Women and Social Assessment of Haitian Camps

While I lay in a tent in FIRE's camp in Haiti I remember one of the first popular songs that changed social consciousness regarding violence against women, at a time when the subject was a well-known secret and there was no political, social and cultural acknowledgment of violence against women as a violation of the human rights of women. ...more

Emotional abuse also includes conflicting actions or statements which are designed to confuse ...more

Turning Tents into Hospital Walls

By: Maria Suarez ToroThe Global Fund for Women On the grounds next to an epidemiological hospital destroyed by the earthquake, Dr. Jean Pape has set up two laboratories and an emergency medical center for wounded victims. This Haitian doctor received worldwide fame for inventing a method of halting the advancement of HIV/AIDS to help those without the ability to buy expensive medicines continue to live with the infection. ...more

A Visit to Haiti's Orphanage

On January 12th, as the earthquake whipped through Port-au-Prince, an orphanage in Carrefour where 42 boys and girls lived fell to pieces. The children—all aged 9 months to 12 years old—are currently living in a parking lot near where the orphanage collapsed. They are survivors—they always have been. At their young age, they have experienced two tragedies: becoming orphans at an early age, and now being displaced again by the earthquake. Thankfully Madame Tiresias and Sylvain took in the children into the “Service aux Enfants en Difficulté” orphanage (“Service to Children in Difficult Situations”). ...more