Gear Review: E-Motion 360 4.0

So for my upcoming trip to Europe, I decided to spring for some new luggage. I made a decision to get something convertible because there have been times in my last few trips where it would have been easier to strap my luggage onto my back rather than carry it. So I started looking into various brands of luggage and decided on the Victorinox 22″ E-Motion 360 4.0 Trek Pack Plus. This bag also comes in a 25″ version but I chose the 22″ with the thought that I would be taking the bag as a carry-on more often than as a checked bag....more

Consider Us "Alerted"

Well, as most of you out there know, the United States, as well as Japan, Sweden, and the U.K., have issued a “terror alert” to warn their citizens of potential terrorist activity in Europe in areas that are frequented by travelers...places like Belgium and France where I’ll be traveling in less than a month (I’ll also be going to the Netherlands, but I haven’t seen it mentioned specifically...yet). The alert itself is fairly vague and supposedly, it’s not meant to discourage travel to Europe, it’s meant for us to be more vigilant and alert while we’re there. The U.S....more

Know Before You Book

Here are some quick tips on how to potentially save yourself some time, money, and frustration, before you leave on your next vacation....more

Budget for Your Vacation--Pt. 4 (Lodging-Convents & Monasteries)

Back to my series on how to budget for your vacation, we've discussed several different forms of lodging. We started out with hostels, made our way to bed & breakfasts, talked about local vs....more

Weekend Word to the Wise (Fighting Jetlag)

You don’t have to travel across the world to feel jet lagged from the travel. I know some people who have a hard time adjusting to a one hour time difference in their personal clocks!...more

Weekend Word to the Wise (Learn the Language!)

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the “Ugly American”. It’s a term used to describe the American tourist that travels outside of the United States but expects everyplace they visit to be just like the Unites States....more

New Rules for TSA

I’m sure that by now all, if not most of you, have read or heard about the terrorist attack that was thwarted on Christmas Day, December 25, 2009....more

Foodie Break #3 or Using Food to Guide Your Vacations

So last month, I published a post entitled "Foodie Break #2 or How to Travel Without Really Travelling". I wrote a bit about how you could use a restaurant or food to help you escape a bit and travel back to, or get a taste for, the countries you most want to visit. Earlier this week I published a post about Agriturismi and mentioned that the next time I go to Italy, I plan on staying at a particular Agriturismo I recently found out about....more

Budget for Your Vacation--Pt. 4 (Lodging-Agriturismi)

Continuing my series on How to Budget for your Vacation, we've been discussing all the very different forms of lodging for travelers....more

Weekend Word to the Wise (Lodging)

This weekend's word to the wise is related to my recent blog post about local hotels vs....more