Where are the Italian bloggers?

In the past few days I have been trying to cross paths with women blogging from Italy on the same topics I'm interested in, these days. Let's take the American Muslim identity, that I discussed at length yesterday with dr. Maher Hatout, at the Public Affairs Muslim Council in Los Angeles. Is there some Italian blogger interested in posting about it? Nope. Or, if there are, they're all men. ...more

Just for the record, I moved here first and then I met my husband :)

I hope you check again - ...more

Social Rights In Europe and U.S.

I just read in Yahoo news that France is going to pass a law to allow social rights to housing. You can find more details here. ...more

The "Naturalization" Process of An Italian Wannabe U.S. Citizen

I am the last person who could give in to patriotism, left alone religious fanaticism. But in these days I might be due for a few surprises since I found myself moved to reflection by the least expected sources. ...more

I think you'd be hard pressed to find people who have more compassion and empathy than Jo Blow ...more

Political Freedom For A Pedophile Party? No Thanks.

Editor's Note: This post also is available in Italian below. Since my arrival in Italy almost a month ago, I thought to blog about many political news items. The first elected woman major in Milan, my hometown. The recent polls and the peculiar pet-peeve Italians have to hold any reform or system-change upon the people's vote. My good intentions got swamped by my sister's unexpected two surgeries in a row, with obviously related emotional stress and... oh, well, I lost it! Yet, one topic kept churning in my mind. As soon as I arrived, I read that in early June the already liberal Netherlands woke up to a new political party, NVD. That stands for the poetic "Compassion, Freedom and Diversity" but does not advocate gay rights or anything like that. What it claims is freedom for pedophiles. ...more

Dan Brown Versus Opus Dei - Dan Brown contro l'Opus Dei

Editor's note: An Italian language version of this post is available below-La versione italiana di questo post a acclusa alla fine. Dan Brown Versus Opus Dei Friday was the worldwide premiere of The Da Vinci Code", the movie from the Dan Brown's book that already sold forty million copies and fired a hot controversy between the CE and more mundane parties. My intent here is to address you to different blogs that present their point of views in ways that can add to your knowledge and help to form your personal opinion on the matter. First of all, despite not agreeing on the content, I appreciate the creative approach of an Italian group of students openly sympathizing with the Opus Dei ...more

Great idea and a great theme to start it with.
What I like about this theme is that it brought ...more

Getting Naked On Partnership

I am very attracted to honesty and grace in personal blogging. Some women have it as a natural talent. Some others worked hard for and lost the few stray hairs that would spoil the medium letting go on uncontrolled emotional outbursts. ...more

You're welcome, Gloria! Thank you for that pat on the back for approaching a potentially icky ...more

How "Personal"?

I love personal blogs for their ability to share intimacy and let readers participate to collective growth through discussion. Recently, though, I have been the object of a strong personal attack on the blog of somebody I considered a friend and trusted. ...more

I also keep in mind that excessive venting and extreme focus on what is wrong seems to make the ...more

What's Going On In My Homeland

I have not been in Italy at election time since a long while. I was sorry about it a few times, happy about it others since I would have been embarrassed at the polls. Often, it looked to me like there was not a real alternative to the government coalition at that particular time so, why bother? ...more

More On Personal Blogging Risks

I have been in Italy for more than two months now, assisting my sister who's slowly recovering from a coma and sharing everything about it on my blog. I chose the option of letting readers comment my posts without any censorship since start. Some curious "accidents" happened along the way, like when I found that each and every single post had been commented by a spammer promoting his racing cars and accessories. I imagine that was triggered by the word "reckless' in my blog title. So was the comment of another guy telling me that he reads and enjoy my blog, suddenly followed by the suggestion "perhaps you want to tell your readers about my book, "reckless rites of....." ...more

Spring Love

I am so happy it's March. I love March, particularly because it comes after February that is the month I most hate. Don't ask me why. There is a number of reasons and, at the same time, none of them make much sense. ...more