French inspired breakfast

In anticipation...more

Come for dogs, stay for the cake at Happy Fatz

This bungalow turned eatery specializes in gourmet hot dogs,...more

Iced Chai

In an effort to...more

Blast from the past

Ever wonder what you might've looked like in the 50's or...more

Almond Meal Pecan Crumble

If there was a Master Chef of bad chefs I think I'd be pretty close to winning. I can do many things, but cooking (as much as I try) is a skill I cannot seem to grasp. ...more

Tea Party Tuesday

Tea party on a Tuesday? Yes!...more

Ruby - Senior Pictures


Update on mom

Turns out she does not have a collapsed lung. She has a lot of scarring on her left lung and I guess it looked like a collapsed lung on the X-ray. She still has difficulty breathing and may or may not need an oxygen tank when she gets discharged, hopefully by tomorrow ....more

Hanging out at the hospital

My mother's in the hospital with...more

The gear

"What camera do you use? What's the best lens?...more