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Travel - Mexico

Below are leftover photos from my trip to Mexico. I was only there a little over a week and to be honest, I wanted to come home within a couple days. I'd been to other parts of Mexico, but Mexico City was too much at once for me ....more

Mexico City - Plants

Last week, I visited a friend in Mexico City. It's an old city filled with history and monumental buildings. The streets are overflowing with people ....more

Dogs of Mexico City

Misha "Esta un poco malito" / "He's a little sick." China Janis Nina, Jay, and Chibi Oliver Dali Tito "Es sordo y no ve." / "He's deaf and can't see." Joao - Cane Corso Preston - Bulldog ...more

Find the light - Part 2 of 2 how to improve your camera phone photos

In Find the Light - Part 1 I talked about finding your light source, but what if you're still not satisfied with what you're seeing on your camera? In this post I will discuss my go-to app and how it can help you improve your smartphone photography.Camera+ is not perfect. It crashes occasionally which can undoubtedly be frustrating ....more

Safari in Texas

Yesterday, I went to a safari park which is around 45 minutes south of Houston. Bayou Wildlife Zoo hosts a range of wildlife not native to Texas. It is so exciting being able to feed and touch these impressive animals one would otherwise never have the chance to see in their natural habitat ....more