Model Call

Time for Print Models: Are you looking to build your modeling portfolio, but can't afford to hire a photographer? This is a great way to exchange your time for great photos. It also helps you practice your skills and network with other professionals.How: Send a head shot only to or tag me in your best selfie - keep it clean : ) ...more

Living on autopilot

Coco's face pretty much sums up how I feel ....more

Plantain Chips

A food staple in many tropical regions, the plantain is kind of like the cousin of the banana. Not to be eaten raw, plantains require cooking much like its close relatives: yam and yuca. Slice it thick and deep fry it adding salt after it's been removed from the pan and set on paper towels to drain excess oil ....more

French inspired breakfast

In anticipation...more

Come for dogs, stay for the cake at Happy Fatz

This bungalow turned eatery specializes in gourmet hot dogs,...more

Iced Chai

In an effort to...more

Blast from the past

Ever wonder what you might've looked like in the 50's or...more

Almond Meal Pecan Crumble

If there was a Master Chef of bad chefs I think I'd be pretty close to winning. I can do many things, but cooking (as much as I try) is a skill I cannot seem to grasp. ...more

Tea Party Tuesday

Tea party on a Tuesday? Yes!...more