Day 1 of Liquid Diet for the next two weeks per Dr. orders..

Okay I am late posting these so this will be day one and day two of my liquid diet.Well for the last month I have not been able to keep anything down. I take  a couple of bites and that is it. I get nauseated, and or I end up throwing it up.I been to the doctors numerous times taken numerous test and so far nothing. ...more content ....Love or Lust

Have you ever thought back , to the time when it was all new and exciting? Do you feel that how your relationship start, had to do alot with how it ran its course? I dont know honestly, all I know is that during that time it was great. ...more
There is more to this story .....I will continue next weekend ...if not sooner....let me what ...more

You, Me and Her...

You wanted her ,because you said, she reminded you of me, and how it used to be,so I thought is he replacing me .You couldn't see the real me because you were too busy seeing her,and she laughs as she thinks she will replace me. You were sure you wanted her as she wanted you and so sure you didn't want me, again she laughs as she thinks she will soon replace me. You left me to be with her ,she laughs as she says she is now me. Now that she has you and you are with her, you realize you just don't want her as she just isn't me....more

fears of a mother are never ending...

After a week of stressing and what not, my daughter got the phone call she was ok. The biopsy came back low grade and for now she is ok. It was such a relief, it just felt like we could breathe and this weight taken off our shoulders. I was so concerned I would not survive without my daughter. she had faith in me when no one else did.She encouraged me to continue when I thought i could not. She honored me by having her last name legally removed from her fathers last name to mine....more

fears of a mother

Some years ago, I was told I had an abnormal pap smear, when I went in I was informed my cancer cells were high. The following week I was having a biopsy done. For some reason it did not phase me. After those results the doctor said they would keep an eye out on it and I had to have another pap in six months. Six months later, there I was again waiting for the results of another biopsy, this time I was some what nervous. Test came back again with in normal range....more

Final part to mom and Bella

…Mom’s wake was on my daughter’s first birthday, I was so sad because I just lost my mom. Yet I also felt so guilty for not being able to celebrate my daughters first birthday.  My mom’s funeral service was beautiful, my sister organized it all, and she did however come to us for approval on things. Yes being the typical Mexican family we did have a mariachi band playing. All songs were of losing a lost one, but my mom loved music and it was one of her wishes. We also set 7 doves free, six to represent each of her children and one representing her....more

2nd part of My mom and my Bella Rose

Second part  -error I somehow got confused in my ending and I posted incorrectly, it was supposed to read: we had just celebrated mom’s birthday the  previous month and now, that weekend was the last Mother’s Day weekend that we shared with my mom. ....As the Hospice came to the house that following Monday, it was an experience like no other. All of mom’s children with the exception of one, sat around the table as she went into detail as to what to expect. I still was in shock as surely I know so were my brothers and sisters....more

My Mom and my Little Bella Rose

May 8th 2009 I received an urgent phone call from my older sister, she was calling me from the hospital. She had mentioned to me in a previous conversation that my mom was ill but would be fine. My mom was getting older; she was not able to get around anymore, only with the help of a wheelchair. Her dementia was becoming worse, but she did have some good days. Lately she kept trying to move around on her own, only to fall and hurt herself, so somebody had to be with her at all times....more
Thank You I hope to post the second part of the story soon.more

One very cold morning

 I awoke at two o’ clock in the morning, still very sleepy; all I wanted to do was to crawl back into bed, under the nice warm blankets. I could hear my mom calling for us to wake up; I could hear the urgency as she opened the door to our room.“Hurry up and get ready! So you can come out and help make today’s lunch!” she said in Spanish.All three of us replied still half asleep, “Okay, Mom. Ya vamos!”...more
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Mom's Garden of Roses

            Our first house was literally the smallest house on the block. It consisted of only two bedrooms and one bathroom, all for a house full of kids. We did not have a big front yard.  It was a porch with steps and a long hedge made of stone, that stood about six inches tall and surrounded the whole front of the house .In this area stood two lifeless rose trees. The rose trees showed not an ounce of life....more
@KarenLynnn I also have back problems, but I am hoping to do at least some gardening. I really ...more