The Gifts of Awakened Parenting - Introduction

I love vintage book stores.  I love to breath in deeply the smell of musty old books, paper cracked and yellowed from age, wondering who before me has caressed the well-loved pages.  It's a mystical treasure hunt knowing every time that a special book sits on a shelf waiting for me to discover it.  A book that wants me to read it; a book the universe wants me to discover....more

Be the Message

I am a soul created in God's perfection.  I have a voice which God gave me to speak authentically.One singular voice for this lifetime. This voice has a message..."BE THE MESSAGE."Image Credit - ShutterstockHow different might this world be if we stopped talking about the message of Christ and started living the message?...more

Validation Shmalidation

“When you enter a mindset, you enter a new world. In one world–the world of fixed traits–success is about proving you’re smart or talented. Validating yourself. In the other–the world of changing qualities–it’s about stretching yourself to learn something new. Developing yourself.” – Carol S. Dweck ...more

Dropping Katie Off at College

It amuses me that I am never at a loss for words unless it requires me to share my emotions.  Talking about what I am feeling, especially when I'm in the grips of an emotional moment, renders me speechless.  So it was yesterday on the ten-hour drive back from New York City.After kissing and hugging her goodbye I knew I had to walk out the door and not look back.  I knew I had to get on that elevator and take a few deep breaths to keep the water-works at bay....more

5 Great Reasons to Ditch Your Bra

Indignant Teenage Daughter: OMG MOM!  Are you braless again?Me: No sweetie, this athletic tank has a shelf and pads built in.  I'm not braless.Indignant Teenage Daughter: Everyone knows that a shelf is not a bra and I can still see your nipples through those pads.  You're not going out like that, are you?Me: Why yes, yes I am....more

All Too Quickly

It creeps up on you.  All too quickly they grow up.  One day their chubby, little arms are wrapped around your neck giving you the sweetest, slobbery kisses and the next day they are loading up the car with carelessly packed boxes of bedding and clothes heading off to college....more

How Do You "Nurture Nature?"

Conquering Gros Piton - Overcoming Tears and Fears

“Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory.” (Ed Viesturs)We had reached the top of Gros Piton.  Despite my aching muscles and throbbing knees it was only my sheer determination that willed me to the top of that rocky mass.  Exhausted but exhilarated, I perched myself on the top rocks.  I didn't have the energy to climb down to the outlook that offered a breathtaking view of the ocean....more

Conquering Gros Piton - A Story About a Little Woman and a Big Mountain

Image Credit -  Shutterstock (edited in Picmonkey)"I found my heart upon a mountain I did not know I could climb, and I wonder how many other pieces of myself are secreted away in places I judge I cannot go." Laurel Bleadon Maffei...more