Moving On, Letting Go

Have you ever been in love? Did you get your heart broken at some point in your life? Have you experienced unrequited love? ...more

The One

Love can be so mundane sometimes, and yet philosophical at other times. However, I thought of casting my own pitch towards the perennial question of “how do I find the one?” ...more

The One

Love can be so mundane sometimes, and yet philosophical at other times. However, I thought of casting my own pitch towards the perennial question of “how do I find the one?” ...more

I so agree with what you said. You really need to love yourself before you re able to love ...more

Puppy Love

The phone rang and I was in no mood to pick it up. It was Tuesday during Holy Week. Aren't people supposed to be preoccupied reflecting and meditating or praying? The caller excitedly said, "I want you to meet someone." Hmmm. Not really interested, but out of courtesy I agreed to meet them. ...more

This is a great post. You should consider blogging it.


Illuminee's Story

A few days ago I received the best news ever. Illuminee's book got published and I no longer need to queue up in the 'other.' Let me start from the beginning. Illuminee came to me for help through my role at Norwich Mind. She's a survivor of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and is now a refugee in the UK. She's a woman of strength and determination - motivated by one force, her love for her son, Roger. When I learned about what nightmares she had to endure in Rwanda, my heart bled for her. How does a human being overcome such tragedies without going completely mad and losing their spirit? ...more

Healthy Does It

Spring has sprung (actually if you ask me it did a month ago!) and I hear the birds singing. I just love it this time of the year because it means longer days, more sunshine and no more SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) for me. I didn’t know SAD existed before I moved to the UK. Fortunately, mine is not a full-blown SAD, but a sub-syndromal one. ...more

Thanks for sharing! I love food from the Philippines and seems you love the same foods I do. ...more

Needles and Babies

I saw my acupunturist yesterday and as usual it was such a relaxing half hour. I have been seeing him for a year now because of my migraine and the treatments have helped ensure that I don't suffer from hormonally-induced migraines anymore. Or even if I did, it would not be dibilitating enough for me to spend the next 2 days helpless in bed. ...more

Life Begins at 30

On Friday I had a really nice catch up with a goddess friend. She said something that echoed what many 'wisened' women who learned their lessons the hard way already knew - we don't appreciate ourselves enough. Being a woman is a most glorious thing. It's dynamic. It's kaleidoscopic. It's mad. It's adventure-filled. We have phases and complex relationships. We have layers. ...more

I did think i'ts a great list. There are a few there I still need to work on, but while trying ...more

My Lovemark

Alas! I have been running around like a headless chicken trying to get everything done before our departure for Manila today at 6am. It's a door to door delivery (almost) so it's going to be less stressful. Apart from being excited to be going back home, I'm also overjoyed because we're celebrating our first year wedding anniversary. Time sure flew. People ask me how married life is and I only have one answer every single time - bliss! Being married to a man with whom I can communicate at every level and makes life so much more fun is just the stuff fairy tales are made of. ...more

Going Home

Home is truly where the heart (and mind) is. People in the UK often ask me, "Do you miss it?" Unequivocally I say 'yes!' How can I not? Everyone and everything is back here, back home. It is always an emotional experience for me the minute the plane starts to make a descent towards Ninoy Aquino International Airport. ...more