Black Hair in the Workplace

Question: Should something as variant as a hairstyle compromise a career?Before you answer, check out this article I wrote for the We Magazine for Women website: Natural Or NOT? I intentionally submitted the article there (to a predominately Caucasian website) because I think it's an relevant conversation to have across the cultures....more

What your pastor's wife wished you knew

Can a bad husband be a good father? - Elizabeth Edwards' death asks an important question

I don't know much about Elizabeth Edwards, the late wife of politician John Edwards. I will say what I have observed of her in the press were unmatchable qualities of strength, courage and family-focused devotion....more

Haven't posted in a while and having a hard time with posting article on new platform. Will keep ...more

Bloggers Beware...Times Are A Changing

ABC News.Com reports former Department of Agriculture employee, Shirley Sherrod, has filed suit against the blogger that posted an “edited video racially tinged remarks last week.”...more

Fruits and Veggies - How much does my child need?

A healthy lifestyle is more about creating practical habits than about employing mystical formulas that you’ll soon abandon. Did you know it takes only about twenty one days to cultivate a new habit? There’s more good news: it will be easier for your kids to adjust to a new lifestyle change than you might imagine. Their habits are still forming and they may be a bit more flexible than the adults in the household. Take It Slow...more

Trust in the Workplace

Ever seen a child learn to ride a bike for the first time?...more

How to Find the Perfect Church

Doggonit - that author made my day!

I'm so geeked!I wrote a very humble blog entry about John Bevere's book "Drawing Near" at Godsy Girl.Com. It's been a blessing that has impacted various areas of my life. Funny, as you 'draw near' to God, other areas are affected positively - marriage, parenting, work, etc.Anyhoo, I digress....more

Five Reasons People Reject Christ... And Why It May Be Our Fault

Five Reasons People Reject Christ – Part 1...more

Songs In the Struggle

Have you ever noticed the quiet hand of God in your life? I have. Like you, trouble doesn’t always pass me by, but I’ve learned to look for his hand of protection and comfort during my struggles.For example, when my oldest brother, Keith, died suddenly, I was devastated. He was my oldest brother, my adviser and my confidant. Seeing the pain my mother endured was difficult enough, but the personal loss I felt was excruciating and numbing.He Comforted Me!...more