Aye Poopy!

Aye Poopy!   ...more

Nag Diaries 76.9 - Marriage Rocks

Real, Real Talk Disclaimer:  Some of these situations are true, some of them are not but these are the thoughts of a woman trying to please her husband and hoping to get pleased herself.   ...more

The Thorn in the Flesh

The post below was posted November 9, 2007.  It was like my 2nd post and even back then, I was lazy about blogging.  So, here goes a lot of something....   So what’s your thorn? Comon' spill it! This is what good ole Paul said and of course Jesus' reply- I will paraphrase: ...more

Why My Daughter Can Shout at Me

This week I made a shocking discovery and had to grudgingly admit that yes, my daughter DOES have feelings - real ones. I mean, I'm not saying that I didn't acknowledge them before, I did. Every time she would play the drama queen bit about how hurt she is, just because I told her to go to bed or clean up her mess - yeah those feelings. The, "I want sympathy" feelings.  The ones where I would tell her to put a sock in it and play that song for someone who cared. ...more

We Have to Take a Photo for Our Records

This is late in coming but I wanted to write about it anyway (from the week of 11/29/11) ...more

Marriage Strudel

I am a manipulator.  You have to be when you get married.  Manipulation is not all bad. ...more

Pour Out Your Heart

Inspired by My Pour Out Your Heart Entry....... I hate buying them.  The cellophane wrappers and the colors bring an air of excitement to the buyer.  ...more

Nag Diaries - Top 10 Things I Learned While Packing

That old box of books sitting in the garage has been food for the moths. ...more

Nag Diaries 8.10 - Sexcapades

This is actually one of my favorite posts and I am reposting it just for fun!  I have not blogged all week!! I have been working....and an update is soon to come for what has happened this week.  But I must tell yall about my event full morning this 14th day of our Lord, 2010. ...more