Bangs at Forty-Something

So, for those of us in our forties, the question of Bangs or No Bangs becomes more about beauty necessity than hair fashion.The bang, or fringe of a hairstyle is a great way to cammoflage the delicate signs of aging that begin to appear on our forehead and around our eyes in our forties. OK, you know I mean those fine (or not-so-fine) lines and wrinkles. Bangs can also help soften the overall look. But maybe we love our current style without bangs. Do we sacrifice our favorite hairstyle in order to hide our age?...more
I haven't had a bang since grade 4! I think I would find it very frightening change...more

Own Your Beauty: The Beauty of Our Imperfections

What is Beauty? Is it looking like those fashion models in the magazines? If we strive to be just like them, won’t we all just be the same?Should we instead work on enhancing what makes us different? As a salon professional, I encounter people daily who have issue with one “flaw” or another. It is often something they have struggled with since childhood, whether some part of their physical self, or maybe a personality quirk....more

How to Choose a Hairstylist