Street Harassment - The Right to BE in public spaces AKA “Do YOU MIND? I’m WALKIN’ HERE!”

Street Harassment – Having the Right to BE in public spaces ...more

Open letter to Contra Costa Board of Supervisors - giving yourselves a 48% RAISE, REALLY, AGAIN????

In regards to the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors October 28, 2014 meeting Agenda Item D.10 – an ordinance to increase their own base salaries from $97,483/yr. to $131,063/yr. (a base pay increase of about 34%)These figures do not include “other pay,” (approximately $6,500/year), benefits, retirement contributions by the taxpayers, or the eleven offices and 26 staff people required to support this 5-member board....more

Politicians give themselves raises with YOUR tax dollars! Can ONE person make a difference?

Hi! One of my intentions for the year is to start a relevant petition, so I signed onto MoveOn Petitions and started this one!This petition is based on having watched County expenses for education, health, roadways, senior services, corrections, police and fire services be cut to the ground over the last 4 years....more



Wow! Count Down until BlogHer'14! This newbie is learning some stuff the hard way...

I signed up for BlogHer quite a while ago, and like so many things in life, the intention and the actions didn't align and here I am seeing that I've done nothing with this exciting opportunity, except sign up for BlogHer '14.It was really Exciting that it's in Silicon Valley , my home region, this year, which also happens to be about 45 minutes from where I live; that just Screamed - GO, GIRL, GO! So I'm GOING!...more
Denise Sorry for delay in response; I've had to set up so many passwords, I misplaced this one! ...more