BD/AD and a Nun’s Thoughts on Infertility

It’s funny how life has moments that suddenly date everything. Like saying something happened in 700 BC, or Before Christ. I now have BD, “before diagnosis”, and AD, “after diagnosis”. As if one life ended on that operating table and a whole new one began, but in same body with all the same memories. I even remember the last words of my previous life… In response to something they said, I told the nurses in the operating room that I was “there for them.” I don’t recall anything after those couple words....more

Life After

I had my surgery on Thursday. From a medical standpoint, it went well, but we were hoping for different results. We wanted the doctor to go in and be able to clean up my Fallopian tubes, but...Click Here to Continue Reading....more

The Time it Takes to Shower

Well, not a whole lot has happened since yesterday, and yet the whole world changed. DOMA was declared unconstitutional (FINALLY), and my surgery date got changed. Originally, I was all set to go under on September 5th. It wasn’t what we had hoped for, but it was acceptable. It meant that depending on how much time it took for me to heal, I would have that much less time to try and conceive a child (or two or three) before deployment set in, and Honey would be involuntarily relocated for a period of time....more

What's New Here

I wish there was a way to explain the long absences from my blog. Some magical way to go through all the ups and downs of the last few months without the entry being a long, drawn-out, and overly-complicated post that nobody really wants to read. I can try to sum it up, but how I do it, I don’t know. I guess the long and short of it is, we’ve been trying for a baby… but after well over a year I’m not pregnant. Recently we began seeing a specialist up in Savannah....more