I have very few friends "my age". I do not know why or how this happens....but it is true.I attended a cancer benefit last night with two of my girlfriends with the intent of meeting a group of blended couples and others that would be there. It was lovely.The band that was hosting is a favorite, notorious for playing 90's hip-hop.....which, when you are 44, was the stuff you cherish as "your jam"; the anthems of your youth and dancing fun days....more

Can You Even Read?

You know what would be super great.......if people would read.You know you see this daily:"Um, where's the {insert obviously I haven't read the sign marking it} section?""Are the pictures just for inspiration, or can you get the dresses" {there are links SPECIFICALLY linking each dress (*right next to it*) to the website they can be purchased from....}"what day is your party?" .......asked the person from the E-vite website."What is your book about?" .......asked the person, holding the book entitled "Anemia: Red Blood Cell Studies"...more

Go My Own Way.....and other adventures. my kid graduates high school in 7 days....more