Sweet, Salty, and Spicy: Kettle Corn IS Summer

by Rebecca Peters-Golden "But that combination of sweet and salty? It wasn't a flavor profile I was familiar with at the time, but let's just go ahead and call kettle corn the gateway drug, because it's now my sweet spot of culinary bliss. Caramel corn is great and all, but it's a face punch of sugar, and I prefer something with a little more subtlety, ya know? ...more

Ahhhhhhh…. Lemongrass Cucumber Cocktails

by Casey Barber "If I could grow it in New Jersey, I'd probably barricade both the back and front yards with borders of lemongrass. Trust me, I've tried, but the tropical plant never survives our winters. So I'm forced to buy fresh stalks at the supermarket and turn them into refreshing, not-too-sweet cocktails that taste as green as they look." The post Ahhhhhhh… ....more

Fluffernutter S’mores Bars—Just Simple Enough

by Casey Barber "I didn't go whole hog and make a S'mores bar from scratch, but I did bite the bullet by using Golden Grahams as a crunchy no-bake bar base bound by rich fluffernutter goo. Topped with peanuts, more marshmallows, and messy chocolate ganache, it hit every comfort food button without being too hard for me to pull together in my gloomy, blurry state of mind." The post Fluffernutter S’mores Bars—Just Simple Enough appeared first on Good. Food ....more

A New Take On Southern Comfort Food: Spiced Collard Greens with Bacon and Eggs

by Rebecca Peters-Golden "And it's no stretch to show collards' relevance or their versatility. The same sturdiness that makes them great for long, slow braising also makes them a wonderful, hearty dish on their own, or the perfect assertive accompaniment to other veggies, beans, and meats. My favorite way to cook collards takes its cues from the familiar Southern preparation, but uses a Middle Eastern flavor profile to balance the bitter notes and garlic for a full, earthy taste." The post A New Take On Southern Comfort Food: Spiced Collard Greens with Bacon and Eggs appeared first on Good ....more

Pucker Up for Pickled Strawberry Sundae Sauce

by Casey Barber "This pickled strawberry sundae sauce turns up the intensity with two kinds of vinegar: lush balsamic vinegar and delicate Champagne vinegar. Because it's meant to be paired with sweet, rich ice cream, I went for full-on tart and tangy with its flavor profile. The strawberry sweetness still comes through loud and clear, but there's a bright pop of acid to keep things interesting." The post Pucker Up for Pickled Strawberry Sundae Sauce appeared first on Good ....more

Taking a Vacation from Destination Eating

by Casey Barber "Am I a better person because I can say I've been to Lola before Michael Symon became a household name on The Chew? Is your opinion of me higher because you know I've eaten the One True Zuni Cafe Roast Chicken? Or would you stop being my friend if I revealed that I really don't care that I never made the pilgrimage to El Bulli?" The post Taking a Vacation from Destination Eating appeared first on Good ....more

Chatham Artillery Punch for George Washington

by Casey Barber "And like the long, complicated tale of Washington's life, it's difficult to distill such an opus into a single gulp. But I'll try to use the venerable Chatham Artillery Punch as a metaphor. Both with the punch and with the story I'm about to tell, I've tried to simplify things and focus on a few salient, meaningful details ....more

You’re Always Family at Revival in Decatur

by Casey Barber "With plank floors that creak comfortingly as you walk through the restored rooms and family photos on the cornflower-blue walls, Revival calls to mind a bygone era but isn't stuck in the past. It's gracious but not stuffy or formal; it's heritage but not hoary." The post You’re Always Family at Revival in Decatur appeared first on Good. Food ....more

Not From the Can-nellini! Garlicky Stovetop Beans

by Rebecca Peters-Golden "So, what are these magical beans? Rich, garlicky, and stewed in spices, these beans pack a wallop of flavor with only one minute of added work. If you can peel garlic and dump some spices in the pot, you've got this." The post Not From the Can-nellini! ...more

Rhubarb Lemon Pie That’s a Masterpiece

by Casey Barber "All that's left is to tuck a lemony custard over the rhubarb and enjoy the fruits of victory. Feel free to take a slice on the go or to pile it high with whipped cream and extra rhubarb compote, but you might want to think twice before trying to sneak it into the Met. Or bring a piece to sweet-talk the guard at bag check." The post Rhubarb Lemon Pie That’s a Masterpiece appeared first on Good ....more