5-Ingredient Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Procrastibakers, don’t lose hope—we’ve got two days until Christmas, and there’s still time to make at least one batch of cookies. And I think I’ve got the one for you: a recipe that comes together in 30 minutes from mixing bowl to cooling rack, and only needs 5 Ingredients (which you probably have hiding in your pantry anyway). (...)Read the rest of 5-Ingredient Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies on Good. Food ....more

The Purrfect Birthday Cake to Eat Right Meow

In case you haven’t yet met my oh-so-debonair whalecat Harry Plumparelli and my oh-so-stripey adorable jerkface Lenny Potatoes, let me re-introduce you. These two little nuggets are the cats who make my Grinchy heart grow three sizes every day. They’re my chirpy compatriots, my snuggly bed-warmers, captains of the couch and lords of lap-sitting ....more

The Bar Cart: Christmas Island

It’s not that I want to spend the holiday away across the sea, really, or that I want to get away from sleigh bells or snow (not yet, anyway; talk to me again in February.) It’s just that sometimes when I look at my beloved kitschy white fluffy fake Christmas tree, I want to bust out my ukulele and croon a tune while I drink a damn fruity tiki drink—even if it is December. And so, continuing what is shaping up to be an annual tradition of mixing up a cocktail to match a holiday song—see also Say, What’s in This Drink?—I present this year’s entry: the Christmas Island. (...)Read the rest of The Bar Cart: Christmas Island on Good. Food ....more

A Gift for Me: Chinese Five Spice and Cayenne Caramel Corn

Thanksgiving was supposed to be easy this year. With a book deadline looming (the manuscript now submitted, thankyouverymuch, PIEROGIES coming August 2015!), no lull in regular writing work (not that I’m complaining), and 11 guests coming for Thanksgiving dinner, something had to give. So for the first time since I commandeered the feast seven years ago, I conceded that yes, it might be better to have—gasp!—other people bring and make dishes to serve the meal potluck-style. (...)Read the rest of A Gift for Me: Chinese Five Spice and Cayenne Caramel Corn on Good ....more

Make-Ahead Pumpkin Dinner Rolls for Thanksgiving

No matter what projects and deadlines are on the docket, the busy person’s day is by necessity a divided one: we start a task in the morning, leave emails in draft form while we run out to meetings or get sidetracked by small crises, then return to our desks and computers later on to finish things out. Or sometimes we don’t get back to finishing that email, putting the final touches on a presentation, or even frosting that cake until the next morning. The strategy of doing a little bit one day and finishing up your efforts the next day is the idea behind the new book Make Ahead Bread: 100 Recipes for Melt-in-Your-Mouth Fresh Bread Every Day, by Donna Currie. (...)Read the rest of Make-Ahead Pumpkin Dinner Rolls for Thanksgiving on Good ....more

The New Fall Classic: Apple Pie with Brie and Honey

Written by Rebecca Peters-Golden This year, apple season was visited upon me with a vengeance. I mean, I enjoy apples as much as the next chap, and a list of famous apple incidents springs to mind easily: Eve’s forbidden fruit, Johnny Appleseed, William Tell, William S. Burroughs’ tragic drunken homage to William Tell ....more

Steakhouse Sides at Thanksgiving: Celery Root and Spinach Gratin

You’d be forgiven for mistaking my Thanksgiving feast for a steakhouse dinner. But can you really blame me? No, I haven’t eschewed poultry for slabs of steak and pommes frites on each guest’s plate, but I’ve been stealing ideas from the section of the steakhouse menu that everyone secretly lusts for the most: the sides. (...)Read the rest of Steakhouse Sides at Thanksgiving: Celery Root and Spinach Gratin on Good ....more

Bay Cities: The Center of the Italian Sandwich Universe

Written by Lauren Shotwell I inadvertently had one of the most easily mapped apartments on the planet when I lived in Santa Monica. All I needed to tell people was that my building “backed up to Bay Cities,” and immediately almost anyone from the greater Los Angeles area knew exactly where I resided. Bay Cities Italian Deli and Bakery is a Santa Monica institution that has been around since 1925 ....more

Inspired Bites and an Inspired Cocktail: Apple Sage Cooler

Pinch me. After a year and a half spent working with TJ Girard and Bob Spiegel, co-owners of the New York catering company Pinch Food Design, the eye-popping cookbook Inspired Bites: Unexpected Ideas for Entertaining from Pinch Food Design is in stores and ready for the public to take home. And I’m ready to celebrate with a drink. (...)Read the rest of Inspired Bites and an Inspired Cocktail: Apple Sage Cooler on Good ....more

Eating My Words: Practical Magic’s Meatloaf and Green Beans Are a Little of Both

Written by Rebecca Peters-Golden When the wind blows cool and the scent of autumn is in the air; when a black cat springs across our path and the mailboxes look like gravestones; when pumpkins appear on stoops and teakettles whistle this is when my sister and I devour Practical Magic. Alice Hoffman’s 1995 novel is a delight of magical realism—a story of multiple generations of sisters and the bonds between them that transcend the merely practical ....more