Collard Caesar Dip: Who Needs Salad, Anyway?

by Casey Barber "I'm much happier eating my greens as part of this collard caesar dip. They retain a bit of that raw crunch, but are softened by a quick olive oil-lemon massage and folded into a zingy yogurt-mayo blend that has just the right amount of umami and brightness." The post Collard Caesar Dip: Who Needs Salad, Anyway? appeared first on Good ....more

Nouveau New Orleans Red Beans and Rice

by Rebecca Peters-Golden "My version of the dish is something I can make with things I really do almost always have in my fridge and freezer, and it doesn't take all day to cook. Besides, Mardi Gras, though certainly a tradition, is all about mixing it up—putting your own spin on things. " The post Nouveau New Orleans Red Beans and Rice appeared first on Good ....more

Work! A Schuyler Sisters Cocktail

by Casey Barber "Hamilton might be a Broadway musical with a one-man title, but it's far from a one-man show. Every single one of characters telling the story of America's 10-Dollar Founding Father is a captivating, strong, and fascinating personality on their own. And while that's easy to say when there's big-name historical figures like Washington and Jefferson playing supporting roles, three of the cast's biggest show-stealers are the Schuyler sisters: Hamilton's wife, Eliza, and her sisters Angelica and Peggy." The post Work! ...more

The 8×8 Cookbook + Roasted Shrimp, Tomato, and Feta Bruschetta

by Casey Barber "The 9x13-inch dish (AKA the "lasagna pan") sees a lot of love when seeking recipes for potlucks and family dinners. but beyond baking, the smaller square pan gets short shrift. As a professional recipe developer, it was easy for Kathy to adapt recipes intended for 9x13 dishes, but why make everyday cooks go through that trouble time and time again? ...more

Parsnip Apple Soup: A Winter Soup To Take Us Into Spring

by Rebecca Peters-Golden " 'Do you even know what a parsnip tastes like?' my mother asked, and he conceded that he probably did not. But the second I heard the description, I knew it would be fantastic. How had I never thought of this combination? ...more

Steak Frites for Two in 30 Minutes

by Casey Barber "The trick to getting this all done in 30 minutes is that you need two people to divide up the tasks equally, making this a truly participatory date night dinner. No one gets to sit on the couch and watch TV while the other preps—while you can totally have a cocktail while you cook, you are both earning this meal. One takes the steak, the other the fries, and everything comes out restaurant-perfect." The post Steak Frites for Two in 30 Minutes appeared first on Good ....more

My Shot: An Alexander Hamilton Cocktail

by Casey Barber "As the Hamilton musical grows into more of a phenomenon, I feel compelled to celebrate its genius. I don't have an acre of land, a troop to command, or a dollop of fame, but I can make a damn good cocktail. So here's my way of adding my voice to the narrative: a boozy homage to the checkered, complex life of Alexander Hamilton, using spirits—rum, whiskey, cider, pimento dram, and applejack—that were popular during Hamilton's lifetime." The post My Shot: An Alexander Hamilton Cocktail appeared first on Good ....more

Snapshots: The Campbell Apartment, New York

by Casey Barber "If you want to get a seat and really enjoy yourself, here's my pro tip: do some day drinking. The Campbell Apartment opens at noon on weekdays, and while it might seem a little too louche to be lounging around on velvet sofas drinking $16 cocktails in the middle of the afternoon, I highly recommend going for it. You'll get a quiet space where you can admire the room, a relaxed bar staff who has time to bring drinks to your table on shiny trays, then pour and garnish them ...more

Magical Winter Chili to Suit Just About Everyone

by Rebecca Peters-Golden "What makes this chili magical to me is that it doesn't really ... behave like chili. It has a different flavor profile than any I've ever made or eaten, and it's one that makes it versatile in how I can repurpose it when eating it night after night." The post Magical Winter Chili to Suit Just About Everyone appeared first on Good ....more

Food Gift Love and Candied Jalapenos

by Casey Barber "I bet you've never received a jar of candied jalapeños as a gift. I certainly haven't, and I've been the happy recipient of many a weirdly wonderful food gift in my lifetime. If you, like me, look forward to your annual treat of Southern red pepper jelly, these sweet and spicy rounds will be right up your alley." The post Food Gift Love and Candied Jalapenos appeared first on Good ....more