Citrus-Olive Oil Cake for Snacking and Sharing

by Casey Barber "Though Lisa originally baked a grapefruit version as her breakfast gift, over the past five years, I've made this cake with any and all citrus fruits I can get my hands on. I can tell you it's equally bright and refreshing with a combination of grapefruit and lime, or Meyer lemons, or the blood oranges and Cara Cara oranges I used for the cake pictured here." The post Citrus-Olive Oil Cake for Snacking and Sharing appeared first on Good. Food ....more

Arsenal Cider House: Pittsburgh’s Juicy Secret

by Casey Barber "For the past five years, a revolution has been brewing—or, rather, fermenting—in an unassuming brick townhouse in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood. In tandem with the ever-increasing number of innovative restaurants and bars taking up residence on nearby Butler Street (see also: , Arsenal Cider House has been number one with a bullet since it opened in 2010." The post Arsenal Cider House: Pittsburgh’s Juicy Secret appeared first on Good. Food ....more

Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad: Beautiful AND Practical

by Rebecca Peters-Golden "You may have noticed that this salad looks rather impressive—those pretty ribbons of sprout! I definitely thought so the first time I encountered it in a restaurant. It's actually quite easy to do it at home, though, as long as you have a mandoline ....more

Freeze-Ahead Single-Serving Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Casey Barber "But I also know you don't actually miss the cookies. Not because you went crazy and decided to stop eating chocolate or anything foolish like that, but because they inspired something better and more convenient for you: the bag of individually shaped, single-serving cookie dough balls I always keep in the freezer for you to bake up whenever your sweet tooth is demanding a late-night chocolate chip cookie fix. (This way, I don't have to apologize for not making you fresh batches of cookies at 11 pm when I'd rather be in bed, you night owl!)" The post Freeze-Ahead Single-Serving Chocolate Chip Cookies appeared first on Good ....more

Tuna Noodle “Casserole” Shells

by Casey Barber "By baking tuna noodle casserole filling into pasta shells—the same ones you'd typically fill with ricotta for a traditional Italian-American dinner of stuffed shells—classic TNC is transformed into a portable, freezable package. Bake them in single serving sizes if you have tiny casserole dishes, or make a big batch and portion them out as needed or wanted." The post Tuna Noodle “Casserole” Shells appeared first on Good. Food ....more

Brown Eggs and Jam Jars + Maple Snow Taffy

by Casey Barber "Brown Eggs and Jam Jars encourages you to use what you got, then get out and enjoy it in nature as often as possible. Camping, grilling, outdoor dinners, harvest gatherings, apple picking—it's hard not to lace up my hiking boots and make a backpacker's banh mi this very minute. And, in the winter, taking advantage of all that snow we've been so fricking blessed with in the Northeast ....more

The Bar Cart: The Harvest Manhattan

by Casey Somewhere in the past month’s crush of media chatter about New Year’s resolutions, I read a great point about how misleading the phrase “drop it like a bad habit” is. We use it to refer to something we’re going to easily and swiftly abandon, but in life, it’s the so-called bad habits that prove tenacious and hard to break. If we’re being honest and accurate, the phrase should be “drop it like a good intention”—though that doesn’t quite have the zing we’re looking for, does it? ...more

How Lamb Made Me Love Meatballs: Kofta Tagine

Written by Rebecca Peters-Golden Today, I’m finally ready to share my S&M confessions—um, that’s spaghetti and meatballs, y’all. It’s a surprisingly polarizing issue! To some, it’s a classic comfort food; to others—me included—it’s just a pile of pasta and some dense, tasteless meat blobs ....more

A Burger That Doesn’t Need Heinz (WHAT?) at Butterjoint, Pittsburgh

Weekends spent in Pittsburgh, few and far between as they are, tend to line up in a course of habit and ritual. If it’s baseball season, there will be a pilgrimage to PNC Park. Whether it’s the fact that I haven’t seen the trilobites lately or that there’s a Duane Michals show on view, it’s not hard to find an excuse to end up at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History or Art ....more

Mushroom Pasta Worth Remembering

It’s an adult rite of passage. We learn exactly how to pack every square inch of a hatchback as we bounce from apartment to apartment in our 20s, leaving a trail of changed addresses in our wake. Once we stuff the last box into the car and turn in the keys, we shut the door—literally and figuratively—on that chapter, filing away our memories of everything that went on inside those walls ....more