In Sickness, Health, And The Moments I Want To Punch You In The Junk: Honest Wedding Vows

 Paul and I went with traditional wedding vows. Whatever was included in the $60 package at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Vegas worked fine for us. I think it's impressive when people have sweet, sentimental, personally written vows. Either way I call bullshit though....more

Jeep Part One

Some men have a roaming eye for women. Paul does for cars.While driving conversation is brought to a near stop at the passing of a lot. His focus drawn to the inventory like another mans would be drawn to a nice ass in a short skirt. I do not know all the details of his love life prior to meeting me, nor should I, but I m pretty aware that he didn’t have any trouble. Even Quaker might have envied the amount of oats sowed before he determined I was the best long-term investment....more

Two Feet High Club: How to Get the Monkey Off Your Back

I’ve been flying on my own with the girls since Kaia was three months old.We would travel to Florida to visit with their grandparents almost every three months. You know how awkwardly close you feel to the person next to you on most planes? Imagine breastfeeding, you almost feel rude not offering them some with it being so near their face....more

Women: The Greatest Haters in History; An anthropological investigation (aka who the hell is this blog written for?)

I’m starting a blog Bitchez!Oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t say Bitches, even though I mean it in a completely non offensive way towards the feminist movement. What if my female Facebook friends are offended?...more