Christmas Bingo

A wonderful, worthwhile re-post. Enjoy! A few weeks ago, I went to Basketball Bingo ....more

Homemade Turkey Pins!

I've been on the go so much I have literally abandoned my blog. It's a sad sight, posts are weeks apart. I'll do better ....more

Confessions and Realizations

I have a confession....more

Getting it Done

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12 Things I've Learned Training for a Half marathon

Half marathon training has been a life changing experience. ...more

Hello August...

Last week I was on vacation. ...more

My New Touchscreen Air Fryer (plus Giveaway!)

You can enter to win this incredible Air Fryer Here! It's not often I go nutty over home appliances. ...more


I've been training for a half marathon....more

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'm constantly printing...more

Comfort Zones

We all have a comfort zone. It’s that place we feel safe. Where we aren’t challenged and we remain comfortable ....more