Until it Happens to You

  I realize it is a bit unorthodox to write about things that are painful.  But I promised myself, and those who read these posts, that I would ke...more

Brown Paint and Refrigerators

Adele; music to my soul


Photo of the Week-1/3-1/10

 grismeily is shy, reserved and pierces your heart with a single stare. she is the youngest of four and the only girl....more

Girls Group 2 - Week 1

Meet my new girls!...more

Reflecting His Glory

when i was a kid, i lied a lot. i lied about everything. i even remember some friends of mine confronting me in seventh grade during track practice about my lying. jessica, jennie and crystal sat me down on the track and told me to stop lying about what brand of shoes i had on. it was one of the most uncomfortable conversations i've ever had in my life, even to this day. i knew i had been caught. i was mad at them for accusing me. i was embarrassed that they knew. i was trapped and couldn't figure out why i was lying in the first place....more

"the itch"

 i've had "the itch" for a few months now. i never thought it would happen. we are comfortable where we are. things are manageable. there's very little chaos....more