#artsplash our Grand Adventures: Philadelphia Museum of Art

i'm starting in the middle/end of our summer Grand Adventures, because this program actually ends on September 7, so you can still make it if you rush!you know how sometimes places advertise a Kid's Program! then when you get there it's lame, understaffed, out of paper, broken crayons, empty stands where demonstrations should be...that kind of thing. you feel me, right?well, rest assured--Art Splash at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is NONE of those things ....more


this summer came with a bit of a mission. nothing crazy, it's just that last summer...well, last summer straight up stank....more

adventures in once a month meals, part deux

Well, I'm four months in. Let's make this quick:- yes, i still love it. super duper a lot.-yes, i've had some mess ups with amounts, and a couple recipes that didn't go over well with everyone ....more

adventures in “once a month meals”

hello, hi, how are ya? long time, no see, kiss kiss and all that jazz. it’s been so long since i wrote here that i’m not entirely sure i even remember how ....more

max and mac.

so. i've been quiet here lately. it's not that i haven't been sewing, because i have ....more

30 days of sundresses!

third time’s a charm, right? well in that case i’m honored to be participating for the third year in melly’s 30 Days of Sundresses Series! last year and the year before i did quick and easy sundresses for me—which is a rarity! ...more

the one with no models: toddler underpants free pattern and tutorial

sharing a post i did back in january for house of estrela's Refashion Month! enjoy! *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* ...more

can anyone lend me a baby?

in a few weeks, my oldest will turn 14. and my youngest will turn 3. three.i’ve come to terms with the 14…she’s growing, she’s a teenager ....more

guest posting at everyday art!

today i’ve got the privilege of guest posting over at everyday art for their little ones series! why not head over and check out my little bunny blankie! and if you’re coming from there and looking for the blanket pattern and instructions, click HERE! ...more

fluffy bunny blanket {free pattern + tutorial}

how about a quick and cute sew for all the newborn babes in your life? or maybe a giant sized one for yourself, just because? let’s get going… +supplies+-1 yard minky*-1 yard flannel/other backing fabric**the minky i bought (from joann’s) is slightly wider than the flannel, so i had a bit of excess yardage of the minky to make the bunny head and arms from ....more