hello? from the other side?

I was asked to write a post/commentary on parents volunteering without being Helicopter Parents in Middle School. You know how hard it is for me to write for a particular subject? I am a total stream-of-conscious writer and rarely if EVER! ...more


I've been watching a slew of peeps who are committing to writing daily. We all know since I have the force of many secret agents in my midst of smoke and...more

shit sandwich

Think of the most gut-clenching and offensive sandwiches one could maybe try to consume or stomach, say, liverwurst? pimento and cheese? Headcheese? ...more

don't be a dick

I took on a long-termish sub position with one of the girl's school until Christmas....more


May the recorder die a bitter death. Not the old-school voice tape recorder (in which I pretended I was interviewing Rick Springfield for days and hours on...more


I was going to start Nanowrimo this month and realized, oops! It's the 8th! I forgot all about committing to such an endeavor ....more


In the beginning.... The beginning of this little spot... here......more

Hello, Mrs. Kendall!!!!!

While shopping for something to drink besides tainted water for our household the other day, we ran into the local Walmarts. ...more


Forgive me Father for I have sinned. It has been 40 days since I had my last confessional. Well, actually, after seven tries, I was finally able to get into this site ....more

funk ass sleeper

Hi. I'm not dead. Nor am I on Big Brother ....more