it's your birthday

For my birthday, some days ago, Rich surprised me (GOD! I HATE surprises....) with a mandatory interview with the powers that be at Big Brother. It seems they were having an open casting...more


Well, I would totally hate to miss my once a month posting schedule therefore, I feel compelled to post. Something. My old ass turned 29 this past weekend....more

let's get realz

"I have to bug out for awhile. All of your fabulousity lives are really starting to depress me." - signed me. the ever depressed and full-to-the-rim-of-brim-bullshit ....more

2015 part deux

Things and/or objects of obsession this week: How my hair has a strange Who-ville existence as of late. I wake up as a new character every morning....more


Facebook has been taunting me and berating me of my 45 day absence. Facebook needs to give two shits and leave me alone. Sometimes you have to live or survive instead of stopping every 3.2 nanoseconds to document it for all to oooh and ahhh over....more

charity begins at.....everywhere

In past years, I have stacked boxes, bags of clothing and household items on my porch for a tax write-off/donation for others. Seriously, being self-employed, you look for every deduction you can get. Taxes are pretty much the death of me these days....more

craps and songs

Best laid plans of posting every day. Instead, I've been gluing shit to pumpkins until 2 in the morning. and ruining my 'vintage' pj pants circa 2004 with black paint.. ....more


It has been 14 years since I wore a dress last. My wedding day for those of you counting. Based on tonight's attempt to change this fact, I have 5 pairs of Spanx and a body corset on ....more

always late

Rich and I finally watched the end of the second season of Orange is the New Black a few minutes ago. Yes, I know, we are major go-getters who are on top of ever trend and scene. I really can't believe I made it to the end without figuring out any spoilers!...more

family portraits

While perusing the Facebooks this evening.... I noticed a shit-ton of family photos being posted...more