15 Seriously Happy Songs for the Summer

If you only know me from my blog posts you might think I’m a very serious person who thinks way too much. Actually, I am one of the most upbeat, optimistic and happy people I know. While I do enjoy digging deep into subjects that catch my interest, I also love to laugh, dance and have fun as much as possible. Some of the best ways to do that is to listen to uplifting and happy music....more

Why Good Enough And Done Is Better Than Perfect

I believe that writing is like any other artistic creation....more

Why Hope Matters In A World Of Uncertainty

Stuff happens.  Just this last week a good friend shared that her cancer had returned.  Another friend has been unemployed for months and is uncertain about if or when another job will show up.  And let’s not even start talking about the people touched by the tragedy in Washington D.C. or the floods in Colorado.  And what about the rest of the world?...more

50 Things I'm Grateful For Today


The Second Annual SMART Living 30-Day Gratitude Challenge-2013

Most of us know that one of the best ways to live a SMART, happy and fulfilled life is to practice gratitude on a regular basis. As Mathew Henry said, “Thanksgiving is good, but ThanksLiving is better.”  Unfortunately, if you’re anything like me it’s far too easy to get stuck in our routines or troubles and let the doing of it slip our mind on a daily basis.  That’s why for the second year in a row I am challenging myself to highlight aspects of “Thanksgiving” here on my blog in a way that keeps much of my focus and attention on both the feeling and expression of gratitude every day throughout the month. And hopefully, just like last year, you will be inspired enough to join me and “share the gratitude” in any way that you can.For the remainder of the article go to:  http://smartliving365.com/second-annual-smart-living-30-day-gratitude-challenge-2013/...more

36 Relationship Lessons From 36 Years of Marriage

Thom & I — 36 years later! One of my blogging friends named Bethany turned 35 a couple of weeks ago and she wrote a blog post listing 35 different lessons she’s learned during her life.  After getting over the shock of realizing I’d been married longer than she’s been on the planet—I realized that with my wedding anniversary happening this week, I had learned a great deal during the last 36 years of marriage.  With the hope that some of these might prove useful to others, here’s my list: Make your spouse/partner your very best friend and treat him/her that way every single day. ...more
# 23   Spend time together doing things you both like to do. What if you do not have any hobbies ...more

Minimalism + Compassion = Healthcare for All

I usually stay away from politics here on SMART Living, but for an obvious reason healthcare is on my mind this week.  But let me be clear, I don’t think that healthcare is or should be a political issue.  Instead, our health and its care are two issues that touch every single human on the planet—including those of us who practice simple living or minimalism....more

Midlife Minimalism—How Your Focus Changes & The Rewards Increase

 “We get too soon old and too late smart.” ~Pennsylvania Dutch proverb...more

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Sharing ideas to create a more happy, meaningful and fulfilled life--365!...more