Chocolate chip cookies with coffee, orange and pecans

I am a writer and my faith in the world of art is intense… — because art makes us take a journey beyond price, into bearing witness to the world as it is and as it should be. Art invites us to know beauty and to summon it from even the most tragic of circumstances. ~Toni Morrison ~ This has to be one of my favorite quotes with a prominent place on my desk to look upon whenever I find inspiration sliding away ....more

Almond cake with lemon curd and rose cream

Julia Child once said that a party without a cake is just a meeting and Easter almost stepping on the toes wouldn’t be a feast without one either. If I were in Lithuania just about this time my grandmother would start making her famous honey cake, the one she has been making for years, where each layer needs love and attention (to be baked separately) and we are talking about fifteen to twenty layers here. She usually makes enough to keep a large family full for a couple of days and not just because it tastes better as days pass, but we always believe that a festive cake should not be modest in proportions as it is the time to overindulge a bit ....more

Asparagus tart with caramelized onions

Spring is the time of plans and projects. ~ Leo Tolstoy ~ Have I mentioned Tolstoy is among my favorites? True, his masterpieces are heavy in pages ....more

Rhubarb and strawberry hand pies with rose, vanilla and creme de cassis

One must always be careful of books and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us ~ Cassandra Clare ~ I have been slowly drowning in memories of study years lately. Not in the nostalgic time gone by kind of way, but recalling times when few hours of rest wouldn’t get in a way of life. I am only saying this as for my latest venture (a.k.a. cookbook, which you may have seen going live last week) I may have sacrificed perhaps too many hours of precious sleep in recent weeks ....more

Recipes for Sunshine

Storm follows silence and after nearly few weeks without words, I am happy and thrilled to present gusts of recipes, my latest labour of love -...more

Thyme and fleur de sel chocolate chip cookies

Thank you for sweet messages, I’m happy to say the book is in the step and I took a minute to edit a little sweet bite I’ve made a few weeks ago. Autumn always brings out the nibbler in me. I don’t know if it’s the shrinking days or the increased number of teacups, but I keep on reaching for something sweet to grab on whenever I can ....more

A spark of inspiration

Things have been happening. Not so much here obviously, but rather behind the scenes, and perhaps it’s time to share a few details. We’re heading for the serious visual upgrade here in the days to come and my first cookbook is due to come out in the next few weeks (you have insert me jumping up and down with joy here)....more

Eggplants a la bonifacienne

When you reach the most north spot of Sardinia, it would almost be a crime to avoid taking one little step further. Less than an hour by ferry from Sardinian coast the cliffs of Bonifacio await and so does the town by many considered to be one of the most beautiful in France. It’s too easy to fall in love with it before having even stepped a foot on the ground ....more

Fregola sarda with seafood

Nothing is more exiting than breathing in the air of new land. Even if Italy seems familiar to the point, you almost feel at home every time stepping out of the plane, Sardinia in the past has escaped our travel routes, though unrightfully so. After a quick stop in Provence we landed in Cagliari, with full intentions of eating (drinking) our way through the island, a goal nearly achieved a good week later ....more

Summer memories with scent of Provence

Are you missing summer already? Even though I love autumn and these days were sunny, warm and a joy to behold, today, during my early morning run when cold was biting cheeks and fingertips, all I could think were warm summery morning and our journey down south (or perhaps I wasn’t running fast enough to keep warm…). Every year, during summer months we head for at least a few days to Provence, to spend time with family and visit places close to heart ....more