Foodlady Librarian - Haunted by the Ghost of Bad Cooks Past

 I blame my endless fascination with cooking and food writing from all the meals I ate as a small child sitting on top of Larousse’s Gastronomique for my booster seat.  From birth, I was surrounded by cookbooks....more

i love allan benton and just went to his tribute dinner in asheville. we not only share the same ...more

Under Pressure to Make Supper? Part 3 on Pressure Cooking

Perhaps the most frequent question I’m asked after "is that a perm?" is how do I use a pressure cooker for my recipes at home?...more

Introducing Doctor Alcohol and a Recipe for Spiked Apple Cider

Call it five-thirty on a Monday night.  My children, crashing around the kitchen like cymbals since they burst through the door two hours ago, are the chorus from a Greek tragedy interspersing wailing and lamentations oven my chosen selection for dinner while I fake cheerful questions about everyone’s day....more

I'm NOT Scared of my pressure cooker

 With the exception of a French chef’s mandoline, no single piece of cooking equipment is more feared and less understood that the pressure cooker.   “ Don’t they explode?” , one friend asked as I made a quick risotto. “I hear they’re very dangerous,” she said as if we were discussing  a venomous snake or Charlie Sheen....more

Thank you for posting this article to dispel fear of pressure cookers! Your cheesecake looks ...more