“Highlights, From a Very Fabulous Book Tour”

The first half of this year, my friends, has been full of travel to promote my new book, and the best part has been getting to meet all of you. Now that my book stops are over and I have a moment to take a breath, I’ve had a chance to look through all of the photos from the various cities and the fun I had getting to hug ya, eat cupcakes with ya, see your pretty babies, make lip gloss out of beet juice, and make a lot of new friends in airports. This is the very first book I ever signed ....more

“24 of the World’s Sexiest Burgers”

There’s nothing more satisfying than munching down on a delicious juicy burger. From a dinosaur kale patty to a traditional baconater there are so many ways to dress your buns. I have 24 of the World’s Sexiest Burgers to get your stomach growling and hopefully your grill fired up this summer ....more

“10 Cocktails to Make You Fall in Love with Whiskey”

There’s something about a good cocktail, especially one made with whiskey. Here are some of my favorite whiskey finds from pinterest. Speaking of, are you following me on Pinterest yet? ...more

“Video: Farmer’s Cheese”

I have several homemade cheese recipes on this website as well as in my latest book “Modern Pioneering.” Well, I thought I’d also show you how to make it on video, since we all learn so differently don’t we… Here is the recipe for this cheese in case you want to make it ASAP after watching this video: Homemade Farmers Cheese Pin It ...more

“Behind the Scenes with The Chew”

I thought y’all would want to see some of the behind the scenes action that happened while filming my segment on The Chew. Ready? I fished a lot ....more

“How to Start Composting”

Composting is the process of turning organic waste, like vegetable scraps, into nutrient-rich soil for your garden. It involves layering “green” matter with “brown” matter, in a ratio of two parts brown to one part green. Most apartment dwellers don’t have the land for a traditional compost pile, but not to worry; there are all kinds of options ....more

Online: Citygram Magazine

Read Georgia’s interview with Citygram Magazine: Lunch Date: Georgia Pellegrini ...more

“How to Make a Shed Antler Candleholder”

A few weeks ago I filmed a a segment on The Chew where I did all kinds of adventurous things. One of those was turning a shed antler that I’d found in the woods into a candle holder! When I posted it to my Facebook page a lot of you inquired how on earth one could make that sort of thing, so I’m here to show you how ....more

“It’s Official! Check Out My New Line of Limited Edition T-Shirts”

A few months ago I took a little straw poll and got your feedback on a new line of t-shirts I’ve been working on, custom made in L.A. Well I’m so happy to say that they’re now officially available for pre-order and will ship in about 2 weeks! ...more

“Homemade All Natural Wood Cleaner”

The sun’s out and the flowers are bloomin’, it’s Spring time friends. Here in Texas, Spring is also known as the two weeks that you can sit outside for more than a few minutes without breaking a sweat. Time to dust off the patio furniture! ...more