true light from true light

The snow has been the primary light source in our apartment this past week. It reflects clean, cool light into the room, curbing my impulse to switch on all the lamps. All morning, I work in its diffuse glow, paying no attention to the flagging sunlight as the day wears on, continuing to read as the room dims and greys....more

beets are like preaching

Tamar Adler has to say about beets what I have to say about preaching the Word, more or less:...more
Yes! Roasted beets are a favorite around here. I like this method because it spares me the ...more

to heidi, with apologies

It's late, we're watching old episodes of the West Wing and distracting ourselves with this amusing app, but it's the final push of NaBloPoMo, and I'm determined, so here goes:Dear Heidi,...more

Muffins for the Rest of Us

Snow falls, and the craft bug bites.I have visions of linocut Christmas ornaments for everyone on my list, a runner for the table, pillows for the sofa. While I create, I'll turn on twinkling music and let the roasting squash fill the house with sweet warmth. I'll make a little den here under the snow, a cheery, snow-lit den....more
Karen Ballum Yes! Just don't start in the evening. It always ends badly.more

Pesto for Goodness Sake

Pesto is simple and by nature flexible: herb, nut, cheese, oil, garlic, salt.Because it’s so adaptable, there are a hundred different recipes with ingredients in various proportions. So take a deep breath and wander from a recipe. It’s pesto for goodness sake. It will taste good....more
Denise I know, isn't pesto the best?more

striding ahead

Saturday and Sunday were striding days, in Tamar Adler's language. Days where I not only caught up on the vegetables languishing in the fridge but actually marched ahead: roasted things, dried things, prepared the beginnings of the week's meals....more

like that bobcat

I want to be like this bobcat.I want to gnaw on something, to turn it over and over, to let that one thing consume me as I consume it....more

an ode to our csa

What hampers gratitude?(That's the question Dan and I mulled over when we were invited over to a Hope apartment this week to talk a little bit about gratitude. It is November, after all.)Disconnection, we said....more

eucharist | kyrie

I made the mistake of thinking myself essential.Every Sunday evening at Hope's worship service, the Gathering, we receive communion. We press toward the bread and the cup, smell the yeast and grapes, hear the words, "The body of Christ...the blood of Christ."...more

a prayer for scorned souls

To you we lift up our eyes, O you who are enthroned in the heavens—Our world has had more than its fill of the scorn of those who are at ease, of the contempt of the proud....more