Twilight Unfinished

Blue Eyes and I have been teasing Noel lately, "Stop with all that reading! Will you please go watch some TV?" She is fascinated by the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer, she has read all four books, each several times and she can pick up any of the books, find a favorite part and get lost for hours. I decided to read Twilight over the holiday and it all started as good, clean fun, but I left it unfinished, because it made me feel creepy, in a way that didn't have much to do with vampires... ...more

Baby Learning: Interesting Like Men's Outdoor Footwear

I've shared with ya'll all of the money (you know, like the Free Box of Huggies Coupon) and fame (my Wall Street Journal interview that didn't get published) that blogging brings. But I haven't mentioned the many job opportunities. I was on Craig's list the other day (trying to sell Neil Diamond tickets in San Antonio, anyone want to see Neil Diamond in San Antonio?) and saw lots of actual paying jobs for bloggers. Amazing! I could be rich! There was generally some obscure topic associated with a company selling something, like men's outdoor footwear. I met all of the job qualifications for this one, except for the last line - Must have genuine interest in men's outdoor footwear. Hmmmmm, wellllll..... ...more

The Global Pool of Money: Why Ira Glass is Sexy

If you told me a few years ago that I would LOVE , LOVE, LOVE a one-hour long documentary radio show about banking, I would have said NO, NO WAY. There is NO WAY that I would listen to and enjoy and then spread the word about a one-hour long documentary radio show about banking... ...more

My Biggest Blog Secret Ever is Yours for $10

I'm not a tell-all blogger, I don't share the deepest, most personal struggles in my marriage or the most embarrassing thing my 11-year-old did at school or how my relatives make me crazy. My in-person relationships are more important than my blog and I've got to save something for my tell-all book, right? But this all changes today. I'm willing to give up my Biggest Blog Secret Ever to you for just $10. DON'T READ THE REST OF THIS POST IF YOU DON'T HAVE $10 TO GIVE ME. If you are ready, only if you are fully committed, here it is... ...more

Sarah Palin and Attachment Parenting - Red and Blue Make Purple

Sarah Palin fascinates me. A conservative woman and an ambitious, working Mom. It doesn't fit into the every day definitions of how we divide the red and the blue and I love reading about how people react to her. It got me to thinking, I wonder what the Attachment Parenting folks think? I've said already in this post, that if I met Dr. Sears, the father of Attachment Parenting, I would punch him... ...more

Almost Famous - My Wall Street Journal Interview

I just almost wet my pants the other day. I got this email... My name is A. Alter, and I’m a reporter at the Wall Street Journal. I’m working on an article about church shopping and came across a blog post that you wrote about your church shopping experience. I was wondering if you would be interested in being interviewed for the piece. I’ve interviewed pastors and theologians but am hoping to include a churchgoer’s perspective on the process of finding a home church. Please let me know if you’re available for an interview, and if so, when and how I should contact you. Well, this must be a scam of some kind.... ...more

Sarah Palin is My New Blossom (sort of)

My first thought when I heard Sarah Palin had a four-month-old baby was "OH MY GOD! IS SHE CRAZY?!?!!!" which may not be very modern thinking. But my own experience right now working and having one small child and one bigger one is that it is FREAKING HARD and if a national crisis came up at the same time Baby Girl was throwing up, I would take care of my baby and that might be a problem for national security... ...more

Something Is Up With Baby Girl - Any Ideas?

If I didn't know my baby and the blue of her eyes and every freckle on her arms and legs, I would say that maybe this baby in my house isn't my baby. Maybe Blue Eyes was with her at the grocery store and when he wasn't looking, Baby Girl switched places with another baby in a nearby cart, just for fun, to see what would happen, because the baby in our house is so different from the baby we know. ...more

Mother Teresa - A Long Time Drug User?

My sister called me the other day and told me about a new book she read, Obama Nation by Jerome R. Corsi. She said it is well researched with lots of footnotes and it filled in a lot of the blanks for her, it confirmed doubts she had about Barack Obama. She knew I was a Barack Obama supporter and she wanted to know what I thought. ...more


Thanks for the comments! I'm glad y'all thought it was funny!

I checked ...more

Considering Taking on a Sister Wife

I must say until now I have never considered polygamy seriously. Mostly, I have been offended and disturbed and I have imagined making trips in the middle of the night through secured compounds to rescue young girls who I would let live with me until they could live on their own as free and independent women. But now, after living through the drama of finding the right day care, I might change my mind. ...more