What I should have done when I found out my friend had Breast Cancer

Last June, April, a dear childhood friend was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My heart hurt for her.  I wanted to hug her neck and be there for her.  I wanted to make her meals and sit by her side while she went through chemo.  I wanted to help her out with her kids.  But I couldn't... she lives in Florida and I live in Maine....more

Breastfeeding isn't sexy.

There.  I have your attention.  I used the words "breast" and "sexy" in my title, which led you here.I am writing this piece in honor of World Breastfeeding Week. I've thought about sharing this before but I usually shy away from stirring things up on sensitive topics.  Well, nothing is more sensitive to a mother than trying to breastfeed.  Trust me.  But I think it is an important conversation to have, so here are my thoughts:...more

A back-to-school list to live by.

I started seeing them back in June.  School supplies officially hit the stores.I began to feel the uneasiness and anxiety that is back-to-school for a parent.School had literally just ended and our summer had yet to begin.  I hadn't even bought bathing suits for the kids....more

Surviving Puberty for the Second Time

It all began on a mundane weeknight. She had just played in her first ballgame of the season. Supper was over and she had settled in at the dining room table for a game of chess with her daddy. I was in another room entertaining a puppy and a boy when I heard the drama coming from the other room. I was used to drama during their chess games. He's teaching her how to play and she is highly competitive, and those two don't always go well together. She loves the complexity of the game, he loves to see how amazing her mind works. ...more
Our talk is, like yours, a conversation. It goes on. My daughter doesn't want to grow up yet. I ...more

An open letter to the other parents at my daughter's ball game:

This week something utterly embarrassing happened to us, forcing me to write this letter.I'll be  handing out copies of it at my daughter's next ball game, should the incident repeat itself....more

Finding beauty in the weeds... and a little parenting insight, too.

This is what happens when you go on vacation and leave your yard unattended for a couple of weeks:...more

My 8 year old daughter is in love, and I couldn't be happier (spoiler: this story will melt your heart!)

Just two weeks ago, my sweet little girl fell in love.I knew it was coming and I did nothing to prevent it.  You might even say that I spurred it along.We celebrated CurlyQ's 8th birthday and a week later, she finally got to hold her gift: a 13 week old English Springer Spaniel puppy.She named him Sam....more

To the Mothers...

To the MothersMa-ma!Urgent scream from my three-year-old.  Every single time he wakes up.Mo-om.Eye-roll and extra long "o" sound from disgruntled seven-year-old.I wuv you, Mama.As my three-year-old places a hand on each side of my face and a sloppy wet kiss on my lips.I love you the whole much, Mama.Extra long hug from the seven-year-old at bedtime or anytime she wants me to linger just a little bit longer....more

Nourishing the nourishers: 5 Ways to Appreciate a Teacher

This week is National Teacher Appreciation week.   Each year at my daughter's school, the PTO tries to do things throughout the week to make the teachers feel special and loved, mostly through the gift of food and snacks each day.  I love to be a part of this tradition because that is what us Southerners do well - show love through food....more

The difference between "company" and "fellowship"

When I was a little girl, company was a big deal.  It meant that our house would be full. Full of the smells of tasty food coming from the kitchen.  And leading up to the arrival of said company, full of busy and frantic cleaning.I loved the excitement of company.  I loved that our house smelled of Pine Sol® and Pledge® .   I loved to help dust furniture.  I loved cleaning the glass on the front door.  I didn’t always love that my main area of responsibility was cleaning the bathroom, however.  Eww....more