When Dreams Don't Come True, And Even When They Do

I remember going through a particularly difficult and heart-wrenching season several years ago...more

Wherever You're At in Motherhood {+ New Mother's Day Releases}

Though I've now been through several...more

Three Days

I'm not a terribly early riser, but Mr. Simons is. Every morning the boys and I wake up one by one and trickle into the kitchen to find him there ....more

Thank You For 20K Follows

What can I say but glory be to God and thank you. Your loving support and enthusiasm for GraceLaced on Instagram has landed us at a milestone: 20,000 followers. That's 20K people who will potentially see the truth of God's word shared in word and.. ....more

Growing GraceLaced {How I've Come To Build My Team}

I've been eager to write today's post for some time, for your sake and mine. I want to be honest and real about how it is that I'm managing my career and calling: motherhood, homemaking, blog, business, schooling,...more

Teachable Moments


Our On The Go Family Picnic with KFC

Our busy family of 8 is learning something of making room for margin in 2015....more

Taking A Break With KFC

Being on-the-go together for the better part of the day usually requires picking up some meals on the town. For my six boys, getting a meal to go, and landing at a park (or the zoo!) is a treat in itself, and one of the best parts of a busy day on the move. KFC recently invited our family to try out their Popcorn Nuggets -- 100% white meat (never pressed or formed), extra crispy nuggets -- that come packaged perfectly for on-the-go....more

Lowering Your Voice and Looking Your Kids In The Eye...Again.

This past Sunday, the boys and I stayed home from church due to lingering fevers and coughs. What was meant to be a restful morning turned into a morning full of bickering and frustration...from all of us....more