Endless Summer and Back To School {New Releases + Sale}

It's back to school in our neck of the woods, and I'm both holding on to summer and transitioning to the challenging work that is schooling our children. The end of carefree and the ushering in of responsibilities always reveals more than the need... To read the entire post and enjoy other features, please visit the GraceLaced ....more

8 Years of Blogging and Why We Get Writer's Block

I catch myself sometimes...more

My Summertime Throw Together Go-To Meal

My favorite summertime cold noodle recipe is up on the recipe section of the blog. You can find it here!...more

Albion Fit Review and Giveaway

Mr. Simons and I are in Cabo San Lucas for a short getaway anniversary trip...our very first one away without the kids...more

Highlights From The Week

1) It was an honor to be invited to Ann Voskamp's front porch this week, guest posting in the Unwrapping Summer series. I'd love for you to pop over and slow down a bit while I share about learning to love what must be done...more

Christmas In July {Reminders + New Releases + SALE!}

Somewhere in the middle of summer -- when the gumption of the new year fades and the yet to come looms before --...more

WEAR: Quality Over Quanitity {FRAU Shoes Review and Giveaway}

There's been a bit of a revolution over the years in my attitude towards fashion. I'm sure much of it...more

Returning To Truth

It's noisy out there in social-media-internet land. (I pray i never add to the noise, and if I do...stop reading this blog.) I've always struggled to be in the Word regularly, and with the noise that I allow in...so often God's word takes a backseat... To read the entire post and enjoy other features, please visit the GraceLaced ....more

Free Indeed (Happy Fourth!)

Grateful today, and remembering that FREEDOM and strength are not free. The more we know what we are set free from, the more we value the freedom we have and the price that has been paid to secure it. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! .. ....more

Why Family Road Trips Are Worth It

As you know, our family took another cross country road trip this summer. If you have little ones and have taken an extended road trip, you know what a big endeavor a road trip can be....more