Lessons I Learned Parenting My 21 Year Old Daughter, and How I'll Raise My 1 Year Old Son

My children are twenty years apart in age. That's two whole generations.  My daughter had the misfortune of being born in 1992 when I was just 21 years old and had no idea what I was doing. She is my "starter child." My son was born in 2012 when I was 41 years old, and between you and me sometimes I still have no idea what I'm doing.   But, I did have the chance to do something not many parents get to do....more

Can We Please Have a Real Conversation about Gun Control?

In the wake of the shootings, I remember the conversation vividly. My liberal friend and I were comparing our views and found that we had much more common ground than we realized. That is, until we began to talk about gun control. She was in favor of gun control. I wasn’t. I don’t care for guns and have never owned as much as a BB gun in my life, but that wasn’t the point....more

Regarding Educare, I’ll Gladly be a Fool

I got called a fool yesterday. At first it stung, but now I’ve decided it’s okay to be a fool because it means that I still have faith in and care about children and families.  It was over a new program in Brooklyn, called Educare. Educare is an early childhood intervention/education for the children of low income families starting at six weeks to five years....more
What a sweet post about your daughter. She is very lucky to have you as her mom. Thanks for ...more