Super Tuesday, Hillary and Autism

Happy or Unhappy Super Tuesday, as the case may be. Many of us are, understandably, too busy to pay attention to the political arena, so I will make this short and sweet (or not so sweet if you disagree)....more

Surprise! It's a ...

I was sworn to secrecy… until today.  As my daughter nears the end of her pregnancy (their baby boy is due to arrive in late December), my son and daughter-in-law recently informed us that they are expecting their second child (gender TBD) in May! (I tell you sibling rivalry never ends: For those of you new to this column, my son and daughter had their first babies within ten days of one another in January 2010.)...more

Survival of the Youngest

Early this week, when a four month old infant died in his sleep at a local daycare center, I cried.  I cried for the infant, for the family, and yes, for the woman who owned the business for 14 years without incident. Her photo was front and center on the first page of the paper. It showed her bent over on the ground, hands over her eyes, as another woman tried to console her....more

Scary Medicine

This was NOT the topic I had in mind for today, but I just had to rant. Of late I have been bothered with annoying back pain, which is all the more annoying since it prevents me from sitting down at my computer for long periods. But all of that is not as annoying as my doctor’s visit was last week....more
@Granny Nanny Because the endocrinologist was an idiot... lol I suppose I understand maybe ...more

Dining Out with a Toddler? 10 Tips to Keep You Sane

Face it: Americans love to eat out. I think the economy would have tanked long, long ago if it weren’t for the restaurant industry. That’s why we owe it to our children, the future of our country, to encourage the support of our eating establishments. Thus the suggestions below which were gleaned from years of embarrassing dining experiences, both with my toddler grandchildren and with my own kids long, long ago. DISCLAIMER: These are only suggestions. Pleasant results are not guaranteed....more

Diapering a Toddler: The Top 10 Things You Need to Know

My two grandsons have lots in common. At 20 months they pose a myriad of challenges as we try to get them to dress, dine and sleep. For those parents and caretakers not already indoctrinated, here are the top ten things you need to know about diapering a toddler (the next two installments will cover dining and sleeping):1. Training in wrestling, self-defense, yoga, paintball and long-distance running is required before undertaking this task. NOTE: This training is meant for the caretaker since the toddler is already an expert in these areas....more

Starting Early

The appeal of my mattress has recently trumped the lure of my keyboard – just in case you were wondering where I’ve been. I usually don’t let 2 weeks elapse between blog posts, but my back has been acting up and it’s painful to sit. I believe I injured it when trying to do my own version of the “sit up.” At least that’s what my husband says. Exercise is just not my thing. In any case, I’m tired of not writing, so here I am, pain and all....more

Making Things Better - Thoughts on 9/11

In the midst of the Vietnam War, a fictional young couple had a decision to make: Should they start a family and bring an innocent life into a world that seemed corrupt with violence?  The dilemma of Mike and Gloria was a recurring theme of the early 70′s TV show, “All in the Family.” In 1974 it was a particularly relevant theme for us since it raised doubts about starting a family of our own....more

Before the Power Goes Out

It seems that Long Island and NYC are no longer immune to the capriciousness of Mother Nature. Earlier this week as my chandelier swayed above me and the floor shook beneath, I somehow correctly guessed I was experiencing an earthquake. Remembering past advisories, I calmly stood in the doorway of my bedroom thinking it was safe. My only fear was that the quake’s epicenter was beneath my feet. The shaking lasted less than a minute so I didn’t have time to panic. Later on I found out that the safety of the doorway was a myth. I should have ducked under my kitchen table instead....more

Camping, Anyone?

One week after Irene, the lights are on and the streets are cleared. We were lucky. No one we know of was hurt, our house is intact and no trees were lost. Thankfully, our children and grandchildren are safe and sound as well. Unfortunately, there are still a few without power and with fallen trees that block the roads....more