Why I'm Marching

I have grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. I live in a conservative area in a state and county that has voted Republican the past three Presidential elections. I tend to keep my head low and my views to myself. So why am I marching?...more

All in a Day's Work

 Today is a work day, although I’m not in an office, a factory or other place of business. I’m not dressed well, either—jeans and a t-shirt are my work attire even though I consider myself a professional. My work is varied and I am often multi-tasking as I move from one project to the next....more

Winter: Love it or Hate ir?

I am one of those who love it. And I know that for those in the hater category that seems unfathomable. Winter brings darkness, snow, mud, clouds, biting winds, ice. We must bundle up, huddle, hole up, dig in or dig out depending, and slow down....more

Endings, and Beginnings

I am reminded, as this year closes, of the words of the poet Susan Coolidge:...more

Washing Gertie's Dishes

Thursday was auction day, and as usual I returned home with a load of stuff for my booths. As I was unpacking one box I came upon a pile of family photos. These weren't old-time pictures; they were mostly from the 70's through the late 90's, with a couple from the 50's in the mix. They weren't professionally done and there was not much in them to keep the attention of anyone except the family captured on film. Apparently the family didn't think these important enough to keep, or perhaps they had duplicates and didn't need these extra ones. ...more

Wildcrafting: Moss Garden

When I have time in late fall or early winter, I like to make a moss garden or two to provide a spot of green in the cold, dark months. My critters went with me, apparently thinking I needed escort service. Moss is so pretty with its endless shades of green and even its shapes. I know there are people out there who can tell me that names of the various kinds; I've never attempted to learn them but I do enjoy looking at moss and lichen. I found a selection of odds and ends to add to the gardens, too--a moss-covered stick,...more
Cute. They'd just get covered in snow here but I like them!more

A Storyteller's Work

Before a recent performance, someone asked me, "How do you learn your stories? Do you just read them in a book and then tell them?" How simple it would be if that were the case. Developing a story for performance takes time, research, thought, practice and a bit of luck....more


It means more than a garden. It means more than height or weight or bank accounts. It's inside, in our minds. And it might be the most difficult kind of growing there is. Each year I plant my gardens. I start hopefully with seeds in early spring, carefully pushing them into greenhouse pots, worrying over them until shoots appear. Then it's out to the garden: plant, weed, hoe, till and eventually, harvest. ...more

Oh Dear, No Deer

Today was the first day of deer season, and this year the wild ones won. The hunters came back empty-handed tonight. No real surprise, since it was rainy, drizzly, foggy and generally miserable all day. Tomorrow, maybe their luck will change. ...more

Time Travel

 This evening I traveled back in time, and at the same time fast-forwarded. It was a visit to part of my past and a look at what will be the future for one small community library....more